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Updates from November 2021

During the last half of 2021, we eventually realized the Thumoslang website should work differently than the way it did during the year’s first six months. As a result, we deleted the crossed-out links in red below as they no longer apply to the new status of this website. We also repurposed the crossed-out links in blue as of November 2021. For more information, see State of the Thumoslang Website as of December 2021.

  • The command More… does not appear on any menu bar of this website.
Original Content from February 2021

This website was created yesterday (2/12/2021); its color theme is based on the front-page image derived from a photo taken of a local BMX group. Its pink menu is called the Banner Menu. The first four commands take you to four different online books, all of which are members of the Thumoslang Book Collection. The menu at the top of the page is called the Primary Menu. The last command (More…) takes you to the Navigation page, which presents all website menu commands.

Updated on 2/18/2021

The first four commands were divided into two groups a few days later. For the full view of the following organization, select the [More…] command at the top of this site for its Navigation dashboard.