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T3love Proposal 104

Friendship, Love & Life

Nickantony Quach & Alec Mustafayev

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  1. State of This Episode
  2. Notebook 1 Content Directives
  3. Notebook 2 Thumbnails Expected
  4. Notebook 3 Additional Ideas
  5. Segment 1 The Standard Introduction
  6. Segment 2 The Opening Hook
  7. Estimated Word Count
  8. Release Notes


1 State of This Episode

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1 First Two Script Segments Approved 3/31/2021
2 Content Directives Declared 3/31/2021


2 Notebook 1 Content Directives

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1 The Big Questions

This episode is to address the following questions.

  • Do you have friendship insecurity? How do you know that you don’t? The reality of your friendships is not what you think.
  • How do you love? How do you know that love is at play? The reality of your love life is not what you think.
  • How to define your life, and why? What is the difference between the life of a living person and that of a dead person? The reality of your life is not what you think.
2 About Friendship

Do not use the following question in script but this episode should address it.

  • What can I do about the fact that I lose a lot of time asking myself various questions about my family and friends?

We came up with the following after the above question was posed.

  • Do you have friendship insecurity? How do you know that you don’t?


3 Notebook 2 Thumbnails Expected

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The following Thumoslang thumbnail definitions are expected to be used in this episode.

About Friendship
  1. Metrics; that means, standards of measurement.
  2. Judgment; that means, imposing metrics.
  3. Companionship; that means, shared experience.
  4. Friendship; that means, companionship without judgments.
About Love
  1. Influence; that means, affecting behavior.
  2. Guidance; that means, influencing actions.
  3. Direction; that means, guided path.
  4. Development; that means, directed growth.
  5. Encouragement; that means, giving confidence.
  6. Fostering; that means, encouraging development.
  7. Nurturing; that means, fostering growth.
  8. Milestones; that means, chronological objectives.
  9. Meaning; that means, description of importance.
  10. Your-ideals; that means, your most-meaningful milestones.
  11. Love; that means, the nurturing of personal ideals.
About Life
  1. Function; that means, purpose of the activity.
  2. Physiology; that means, functionality of bodily parts.
  3. Physiological; that means, all that an organism does.
  4. Emotion; that means, the feeling from physiological changes.
  5. Encouragement; that means, giving confidence.
  6. Approval; that means, formal acceptance.
  7. Support; that means, encouragement and approval.
  8. Reputation; that means, support driven by emotion.
  9. Life; that means, reputation after death.
About Family

This section was added after Alec and Nick talked about this image.

  1. Inclusion; that means, considered as a participant.
  2. Involvement; that means, causing inclusion.
  3. Purpose; that means, value to others.
  4. Relation; that means, purposeful involvement.
  5. Relationship; that means, ongoing relations.
  6. Family; that means, unbreakable relationships.


4 Notebook 3 Additional Ideas

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1 What is love?

As demonstrated below, Alec accidentally came up with the logical conclusion that his definition of love is the same as the definition of love as spelled out by Thumoslang. This lends more credence to Thumoslang as a whole.

  1. The more happiness you derive from another person, the more you feel loved by that person.
  2. The more you love another person, the more you make that person derive happiness from you.
  3. You make that person derive happiness from you by nurturing that person’s ideals.
  4. You nurture that person’s ideals by avoiding interfering, rejecting, and opposing those ideals, and also by meeting that person’s needs as much as possible.
  5. You cannot love one person more than another person because in order to love you need to meet all of a person’s needs, so if you, for example, love two people, you would be meeting all the needs you could possibly meet for each. Thus, you can only love someone fully or not love them. Since you would be loving both people fully, you would be loving them equally.

I love my girlfriend. When I say, “I love her”, I mean that “I derive happiness from being around her.” Therefore, I interact with her as often as possible. If she lived near me, I would visit her every day.

When you bake flour, you apply heat to it.
The longer you bake, the more you transform the flour into something else.
One version is considered a nice cake.
Another version is considered a burnt cake.

2 More Thoughts on Family

Below is what Alec said about about this image.

So what I said was that even though the sentence that I sent you does not actually tell anyone anything that they don’t already know, or involve any sort of action proposal, the reason that it’s still on a large gallery of quotes about friends and family, and the reason that people would, for example, share it to their Facebook wall or Instagram or something for other people to see, is because when they read the quote which says:

There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.

It makes them happy because they start thinking about their friends and their especially close friends who they consider family, and that’s what they like to hear it even though it simply states an easy to comprehend and well understood fact.


5 Segment 1 The Standard Introduction

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  1. [*** Look at the camera for several seconds in silence before you begin. ***]
  2. Hello,
  3. My name is ___(your full name)___.
  4. Today I’m going to talk about something called T3love.
  5. The first falsifiable definition of love is spelled out in Chapter Six of the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.
  6. The group responsible for producing that book is called “Thumos Three” because that group has three members.
  7. That is why T3 is an abbreviation for Thumos.
  8. A shorthand for the first falsifiable definition of love is Thumos Love.
  9. T3love is an abbreviation for Thumos Love.
  10. For the first time ever, love is defined with falsifiability so well that all people can be on the same page as to what the result of loving someone should be.
  11. Thumos Love is the strongest way to love.
  12. This is already explained by the page Thumos Love on Facebook.
  13. To discharge the power of Thumos Love, speak the language of Thumos Love.
  14. The language of Thumos Love is Thumoslang.
  15. Thumoslang is the nomenclature for social clarity.
  16. Social clarity is what gives you superpower in social life.
  17. Social clarity is what makes you a social hero in your circle of friends.
  18. This video is one in a series that shows you how to wield the power of social clarity using Thumoslang.


6 Segment 2 The Opening Hook

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  1. What is friendship?
  2. What is love?
  3. What is life?
  4. By the end of this episode, you might look at friendship, love, and life in a brand new way.
  5. With the new understanding of friendship, love, and life, you might see your past under a new light.
  6. With the new understanding of friendship, love, and life, you might even choose a different future.
  7. Such enlightenment is not possible without Thumoslang, which is the nomenclature for social clarity.
  8. For those who are new to all this, a nomenclature is a naming system.
  9. If you want to become an expert in any field, you must first learn how to speak its nomenclature and use its naming system.
  10. If you want to become an expert in social life, you need to understand the nomenclature for social life.
  11. The goal for such a nomenclature should be social clarity.
  12. Experts in social life should speak a nomenclature for social clarity.
  13. That’s Thumoslang as its mission is social clarity.
  14. It comes with terms for all things that could be associated with relationship-anatomy, and thus makes the previously unseen realm observable, allowing for unhealthy aspects of this part of life to be dealt with.
  15. Thumoslang resolves two of the biggest interrelated problems in life for everyone: Language and Relationships.
  16. Wrong language brings about bad relations.
  17. Thanks to uncontrollable emotion, bad relations often create worse language.
  18. The cycle spins both language and relations out of your control.
  19. Thumoslang should bring about the widespread control of personal relations.
  20. In other words, Thumoslang should bring about the widespread control of social clarity.
  21. That might, by the way, turn out to be no less important than the widespread control of fire.
  22. Enlightenment; that means, intellectual insight.
  23. What is friendship?
  24. What is love?
  25. What is life?
  26. With intellectual insight brought about by Thumoslang, you will, by the end of this episode, look at friendship, love, and life in a brand new way, see your past under a new light, and thereby choose an alternative future, a future that might be much better than what you had in mind before the start of this episode.

7 Estimated Word Count


This section will be removed in the final draft as it contains only editorial information.

In total, this book has around 1339 words. That’s 5 pages, with 350 words per paperback page as a working average: source.

Of the 6 sections, the average word count per section is around 223 words.

To reviewers, this booklet has 155 words not considered as basic English. They are listed below when this text is generated in local mode.

8 Release Notes


Revised at 8:44:18 AM on 4/1/2021 in Rhode Island, this document is updated regularly online and periodically updated in print. It’s part of, or in support of, the Thumoslang Book Collection. Use the following link for the latest version of this document

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