Written by Nickantony Quach in Providence on 12/1/2021

Overview of This Website’s New Status

I created this website in February 2021; see Initial Creation of This Website. Two months later, I thought I knew how this website should work; see State of the Thumoslang Website as of April 2021. Seven months later, I renovated the site; it works differently as of December 2021. The following sections show what is new in the recent months.

The Business Case for Thumoslang

I reached a breakthrough idea when I presented the business case for Thumoslang on the page About This Website. In this report, T3 is an abbreviation for Thumoslang or its official website. You can access the links in this paragraph via the following paths.

This Website’s Table of Contents

A publisher may divide a magazine into various Departments. A company also organizes itself into various Departments. This website combines both ideas. As an example, Thumoslang Help is a department of this website. As another example, Thumoslang Marketing, Sales & PR is the Thumoslang PVD Group (T3PVD) department responsible for operating this website. You can access the links in this paragraph via the following paths.

Guided Tours at This Website

I replaced the two commands Use and Guides, on the Primary Menu at the top of this website with the Tours command. It takes us to the booklet Guided Tours for Thumoslang Learners. Included in the booklet is the chapter Listing of Available Tours.

Listing of Thumoslang Products

The booklet Listing of Thumoslang Products is not accessible via the web page Thumoslang Products & Services.

For Local Participants

I inserted the PVD command right before the Help command on the Title Menu. The new command gives project participants in Providence easy access to the current agenda and our projects in focus. Prospective local participants may not select the link Involve Locally in Providence, Rhode Island.

Introducing T3PVD

The booklet T3PVD – Thumoslang PVD Group introduces the group formally.

The Thumoslang Story

The two web pages, The Thumoslang Story and The Making of Thumoslang, take us to the Thumosdegu story. Nickantony Quach discovered Thumoslang’s immense power in December 2018 and developed it further in 2019. In 2021, I wrote the online book Thumosdegu – The Making of Thumoslang to tell the biggest story of my life.

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