Written by Nickantony Quach in Providence on 1/1/2022

Norman D. Baker (pictured) turned 28 a few days ago; happy birthday to him! Thumoslang was born in 2017 when we published the original Thumos textbook, the first Thumoslang product.

Oh, and Happy New Year! Hello, 2022!

The reading collection Trekvella is the second Thumoslang product, published in 2021 as nine nonfiction series on Amazon’s platform Kindle Vella. We have improved the collection’s navigation at this website; see Appendix 1 below. You now have easy access to the description of each series. You also have easy access to the description of each episode in every Trekvella series.

Since two weeks ago, we have had the standard elevator pitch for Thumoslang presented as the Executive Briefing on Thumoslang.

Since three weeks ago, we have presented the Thumoslang Library as a row of Thumoslang Bookshelves; see Appendix 2 below. Added to the library are the Thumoslang Library Catalog and the Thumoslang Master Index, which presents All Listings Related to Thumoslang; see Appendix 3 below. Below are the most notable listings:

With beginners in mind, we made the Primary Menu the simplest possible. It has only four menu commands. Two are for beginners. One is for those who want to donate and support our work. Thumoslang Website & Its Menu System, Chapter 3 of Facilities for Your Thumoslang Journey, explains further.

In December 2021, we began making two more Thumoslang products: Thumoslang Handbook and Thumoslang Safari Guidebook. The two online books, hosted by the Thumoslang website, are functional, although both are still far from completion.

The Thumoslang Handbook, aka the Thumoslang Bongo Trail, is used by the Thumoslang Bongo Program participants. The program is for anyone who wants to build a bongo, a group of in-person friends whose mission is their personal ideals. The program is helpful for partnership development and Thumoslang self-training.

The Thumoslang Safari Guidebook, aka Thumoslang Saiga Trail, is used by those who want to acquire standard Thumoslang knowledge by doing The Thumoslang Safari Experience. You may take the journey of learning Thumoslang in many ways. Suppose you want to ensure your Thumoslang journey is comprehensive enough to avoid missing essential steps in your Thumoslang education. In that case, you may want to participate in The Thumoslang Safari Experience. This is an excellent place to begin your Thumoslang journey.

The second command on the Thumoslang website’s Banner Menu is Products. It gives you easy access to all Thumoslang products mentioned above. They all appear on the Thumoslang Primary Bookshelf.

Appendix 1 Trekvella Navigation
Appendix 2 Thumoslang Bookshelves
Appendix 3 All Listings Related to Thumoslang