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NOTICE: A better version of this chapter is Chapter 23 – The General Anthem for Humanity of the book Thumoslang on the Run.

Are you still looking for a new life or in the experimental stage of your life? If so, The Chronicle of Bongo One is a perfect story for you. It follows the growth of several individuals like you, who live in the smallest state in the United States. They are not asking you to join their group; just sing the same song.

“Imagine all the people sharing the world. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope you’ll join us someday, and the world will live as one.”

If you believe in the words from Imagine by John Lennon, you may want to ask the following question; how? How can we get all the people to share the world when the speed at which civilization progresses has become overwhelming for modern humans and has caused a collapse of meaning?

In April 2021, the YouTube channel “Big Think” posted the video [Why the world is going crazy–and how to win back our minds | Jamie Wheal | Big Think](v=vqJQvJ7i7Ek). The video by Jamie Wheal introduces us to the three concepts, Meaning 1.0, Meaning 2.0, and Meaning 3.0. That’s why we use Meaning123 as an affectionate name for the video.

According to the Meaning123 video, earthly philosophies and religions introduce us to Meaning 1.0. It’s an attempt to answer fundamental questions many people want to ask about their lives. Heartless data, systematic sciences, and technologies at scale bring about Meaning 2.0. It answers fundamental questions about our biological bodies and other physical entities in them and across the universe.

The speed at which civilization progresses has become overwhelming for modern humans and has caused, according to Jamie Wheal, a collapse of meaning. For many, Meaning 1.0 (organized religion) and Meaning 2.0 (modern liberalism) no longer provide the structure and guidance that they used to. “It does feel like the handrails, the things we used to look to for stability and security, have evaporated,” said Jamie Wheal. “If we’ve experienced a collapse of meaning, how do we go about restoring it?”

To ask the earlier question differently, how can we get all the people to share the world if neither religions nor technologies got us there during the first 50 years of the song? Must our humanity wait for 50 or 500 more years before humans can figure out a systematic approach to the song’s vision?

Before the answer reveals itself, let’s listen to the same song by watching the video [THE MOST INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE OF ‘IMAGINE’ | Idols Global](v=taH6RT0Bbtg).

If you prefer an alternative performance by the same singer, watch the video [Chris Klaefford — Imagine — Original AGT audition](v=YdxdpRZgfT4). The former was in Europe, whereas the latter was in America. As the song generates tears across the world, it is undoubtedly on its way to becoming The General Anthem for Humanity.

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