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NOTICE: A better version of this chapter is Chapter 25 – Let’s Sing the Same Song of the book Thumoslang on the Run.

Thumoslang speakers are individuals worldwide who believe in respect for personal ideals, especially those still in their lives’ experimental stage. They also want all people to live together and work together at peace in the same world. That’s why, first and foremost, they want to have a general anthem for humanity so that we can now and then sing the same song across the world once in a while.

Do it now if you did not watch the video [Andy Dexterity sings ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon | The Voice Stage #24](v=WpJElTrpEIk). When the Thumoslang speakers say all people, they also mean to include those who can’t sing and those who can’t hear.

Do it now if you did not watch the video [Pentatonix — Imagine (Official Video)](v=NLiWFUDJ95I). You can be LGBTQ+, man, Jewish, American, Black, Christian, Latina, woman, or whatever else. So long as you’re a human, Thumoslang speakers want to include you.

The first dozen Thumoslang speakers include Nickantony Quach, Alec Mustafayev, and Norman D. Baker. The three formed the first wealth-building friend group (WBFG) called Bongo One. However, they are not asking you to join their group. Without joining their group, you can, too, choose to form your own bongo (WBFG) locally and sing the general anthem for humanity as part of a worldwide movement.

You must not pay anyone or buy anything to begin. The YouTube channel Ri4CTV and the Thumoslang website will help you get started free of charge.

Collective learning is what differentiates humanity from other animals. Thumoslang speakers will learn how to systematically turn each man into a human using the bongo-building process as a slow-burn personal transformation. Part of it is to follow these chapters as they trace the growth of three men: Nick, Alec, and Norman. As they did, you will learn how to sharpen the blade of another person’s mind as you thereby transform the lives of others around you.

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