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NOTICE: A better version of this chapter is Chapter 26 – The Unexpected Encounters of the book Thumoslang on the Run.

The YouTube channel Ri4CTV, created by Nickantony Quach, provides the authentic narrative of stories played out in the lives of people from Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States. One of them is Alec Mustafayev, born in 2002.

When Alec was 15, he published his first book, Rebellious. To his surprise, the book did not automatically bring him an income stream in the months following publishing. He did not know anything about marketing then. Two years later, he introduced the book in the video [Rebellious | NDBaker93 | S6E9](v=lQ2P8q13VDM). NDBaker93 is a YouTube series on Ri4CTV which has gathered numerous videos over many seasons.

For income, Alec went to work at a knife-selling company. That was where he met Jairson Ascencao, a local three years older. According to the article, “From Strangers to a Relationship in 5 Meetings,” by the CoalMont Magazine on Medium, they did not speak the first time they met on September 18, 2019. The two friends recalled their first meetings in the video [From Strangers to Relationship in 5 Meetings | NDBaker93 | S14E17](v=6Zn3d-OLauk). Their friendship is a precursor to Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social life.

On the last summer day of 2019, two days after Alec and Jairson first met, Norman D. Baker, born in 1993, and his cousin rode their BMX bikes into the downtown skatepark. Nickantony Quach was looking around at the same spot to capture YouTube content. He established Ri4CTV only a year earlier. The video [BMX for Life | NDBaker93 | S1E1](v=LiEnOFJ00rM) captured their first encounter. Their friendship is also a precursor to Thumoslang.

At the time, neither Norman nor Nick realized that Norman and Jairson first met one another in June, only three months earlier. Seven months before that, in December 2018, Nick surprised himself in his meeting with Charbel Hachem, a recent high school graduate. Nick saw how he could affect Charbel’s life using only three short sentences. They are the following Thumoslang thumbnail definitions.

  • Journey; that means, self-discovery.
  • Success; that means, peer recognition.
  • Wealth; that means, passive income.

Charbel recalled the three thumbnail definitions and recounted his Thumoslang encounter in the video [Thumoslang Appearance | NDBaker93 | S19E03](v=J2DemiPnOJw) on Ri4CTV. The chance conversation made Nick first realize the power of the language used in the original Thumos textbook. He began to think of it as “the language of Thumos.” In the following months, Nick shortened it to Thumoslang.

When he explained the word’s origin to Norman months later, the name stuck for good when Norman confirmed that his pronunciation of the word rolled off his tongue quickly. Thumoslang minimizes unwanted drama and optimizes your social life. It allows you to race towards your ideals at the highest speed possible.

  • Efficiency; that means, waste-minimized productivity.
  • Systematic; that means, self-serving bias eliminated.
  • Systematically; that means, with the use of order and planning.

Charbel Hachem was the person who led Nick to the discovery of Thumoslang. However, Nick couldn’t demonstrate its power systematically until half a year later, after meeting Ifeanyi Onyekaba. The video [Ifeanyi the Boxer | NDBaker93 | S2E2](v=OjNHzYoNcUY) captured his first encounter with Nick in July 2019.

Ifeanyi Onyekaba was a boxer at heart. When Ri4CTV first discovered him, he hopped around, punching his fists in the air in a typical shadowboxing ritual. His dance was only a few steps away from the confluence between the Seekonk and Providence rivers. Standing in solemn witness were Nick behind the camera and half a dozen trees, only a dog’s bark away from the trailhead of the East Bay River Path passing under India Street.

To Nick, Ifeanyi is a Hercules in the making of Thumoslang, likely a game-changer for humanity. Without him, Nick could not produce Thumoslang101, a quantum leap for the nomenclature, less than a year after its discovery. Ifeanyi deserves to have a place named after him. Nick often refers to Ifeanyi’s favorite shadowboxing spot (41.8175793,-71.3915648) as Ifeanyi Landing.

Nick spent the following hours with Ifeanyi and the same day they first met. Unbeknownst to Nick, his way with social logic using Thumoslang during their conversations gave Ifeanyi a great impression. Four weeks later, when Ifeanyi was at a fork in the road, he came to Nick’s home for life advice. They did not expect their second meeting on August 21, 2019, to last three hours, all on camera. The result is the YouTube series Thumoslang101 on Ri4CTV capable of demonstrating the immense power possessed by Thumoslang.

“What surprised me the most was how quickly [the 25-year-old father Ifeanyi Onyekaba, who was a salesman,] was able to go from being very, um, confused. You sharpened the blade of his mind,” said Jairson Ascencao about the series Thumoslang101. “I was surprised by how quickly you were able to sharpen the blade of his mind. And what I meant by that is he was able to hone in very quickly and realize some essential things about himself in three hours. I spent so much time in school and have never seen someone grow so much [and] that quickly. That’s what surprised me the most: how much I was able to see him grow.”

The video [The First Encounter | Jairson Ascencao | S1E1](v=kR2Ddosik08) captured the first encounter between Jairson and Nick on September 5, 2019. Jairson was in a large tree downtown flirting with a girl when Ri4CTV discovered him. Nick was behind the camera.

That was only two weeks after Nick filmed Thumoslang101 and two weeks before Jairson first met Alec. Many momentous events played out in their lives in the following ten weeks before Jairson introduced Nick to Alec on November 13, 2019. One week later, Nick introduced Alec to Norman. Nick naturally had to share his discovery of Thumoslang’s tremendous power with them all.

The YouTube series Thumoslang102 captured Jairson’s reaction to Thumoslang101 as he watched the series under Nick’s supervision. Likewise, the YouTube series Thumoslang104 captured Alec’s reaction to Thumoslang101 as he watched the series with Nick sitting by. Both Thumoslang102 and Thumoslang104 show how a mentor or teacher can use the series Thumoslang101 to teach Thumoslang. These three YouTube series did not take long to become part of the essential Thumoslang teaching resources.

The above-mentioned unexpected encounters played out within one year, between December 2018 and November 2019, giving rise to Thumoslang. The three YouTube series Thumoslang101, Thumoslang102, and Thumoslang104 told its creator that the most crucial thing in the original Thumos textbook is not the Thumos philosophy but its nomenclature: Thumoslang!

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