Around 7 PM on February 17, 2022, Norman D. Baker came up with a powerful idea; see the chat snapshot in Appendix 1 below. It led him to write an open letter the following day; see The Prologue of Dear All Students of Rhode Island. The letter expresses his idea in the following paragraph.

Our education system fails to provide each of us with a fulfilling path in life. It tends to keep students on one track or another, hoping that they would stick to one long enough for success. Such a tactic works for some people, but it definitely does not work for everyone. The conventional system turns off many learners because it gives them the destination instead of showing them how to specify one. Many programs often fail to build character because they do not provide the necessary learning tools to navigate any walk of life. Instead, they steer learners into one predetermined track or another. That’s why I want to design a program that would work for everyone, especially those still in their lives’ experimental stage. I call it Social Education Renovation.

Why did others not see this side of Norman in the previous two years?

I have not been able to present this side of me earlier. Taking on the renovation of how people treat each other means deconstructing the beliefs that I have been operating my life with. I now choose to leave that fear behind in pursuit of being the example I’ve always dreamed of being for humanity.

Why did Norman not choose to do so 12 months, 12 weeks, or 12 days ago; why just now? Norman gave the following answer.

The challenge associated with my dream scared me because of how big it was and how seemingly impossible it felt. However, in 2019, I met someone working on the same dream for the first time in my life. Having just that one person sharing the same dream gave me an immeasurable power to tackle the idea again.

In 2020 I put my dream to the test. This meant I could no longer sideline the daily challenges and tribulations associated with it. This may have been the most challenging year of my life because I was finally candid about how I perceived the world and absolutely honest with how I interacted with the world. This meant I would be dealing with anguish from all the years of practicing failed theologies from myself and other people. But I had committed myself to my dream. I believed that what I had committed to meant I would be dealing with an issue that is older than me and larger than any generation currently alive.

In 2021, I started to become brave in pursuing my dream. I had unwound many of the lies that I had been living by. They helped me create the room in my perspective to view the world with a frame of mind subject to practical interpretation. What I mean is this. I learned to leave behind a world and a lifetime of using emotions as my primary operating strategy. Instead, I now focus on interacting with life in a highly structured and factual. The abstraction that left my life made me feel alone. 2021 was about building up my new worldview and strengthening my new approach to life.

Now, in 2022 I can see how my new approach and perspective have stayed valid. I am also learning to practice abstraction and interpretation in healthy ways, such as creating music, art, and poetry. It took me a while to unlearn the impractical approach to life still lingering in my life. After holding the same values that forced me to look at a social circumstance for what it is, I can now say I rely on this way of thinking. I stopped looking at it through my emotional filter for almost 2 years.

I didn’t choose to be the example until this very moment. It wasn’t until this moment that I could see the fruits of my labor from the past two years actually bear fruit. I can say, “Hey, without going through that process, I wouldn’t be here.” Not even 12 days ago could see how close I was to making the goals happen, but they are closer than ever. I can say that because I now have definitive steps to keep me going forward.

Appendix 1 Chat Snapshot

The following images report part of a chat around 7 PM on February 17, 2022. At the time, Norman D. Baker came up with a powerful idea.