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Thumoslang Runner is a book writing project by Nickantony Quach and associates. Its working title is Thumoslang on the Run. Its purpose is to show people worldwide how to help refugees use Thumoslang as an advantage in their new life.

American English is the original language because Nickantony Quach, the primary author, lives in the United States. He will use Google to translate his work into other languages. Because he grew up in Vietnam and lived in Germany for several years, he can personally verify the initial translation into Vietnamese and German.

An ongoing refugee crisis began in Europe in late February 2022 after Russia invaded Ukraine. Almost 4.1 million refugees have left Ukraine (as of 30 March 2022), while an estimated 6.5 million people have been internally displaced (as of 18 March 2022). Tell me more

The vast majority of refugees have directly entered neighboring nations to the west of Ukraine. Poland has received more refugees from Ukraine than all other European countries combined. That’s why the following targets for translation are Ukrainian and Polish.

US Spanish has been chosen as a secondary target for translation because it is easy to find Spanish speakers in Rhode Island, where the book is written.

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