Timesaving with Social Clarity

A Fantasy on Mars

Trekvella Bookshelf | Series 1 Episodes

To read this episode, click here for the series Thumoslang Stories on Kindle Vella.

What is nomenclature? What makes it powerful? This episode has an answer. A New Nomenclature, the third episode in Series 4 – Thumoslang Philosophy, explains further.

Thumoslang’s immense power rests with its thumbnail definitions, each of which specifies in a few words the condition that, if met, lets you know when the named concept is at play. That gives Thumoslang users an effective way to prevent others from misinterpreting their speech and abusing them with linguistic ambiguity. That is how they keep the unwanted drama to a minimum, especially during difficult social situations. As a consequence, they can change one’s worldview only in a few sentences. This episode, A Fantasy on Mars, provides a demonstration.

An Important Walk, the first episode in Trekvella’s Series 1 – Thumoslang Stories, is one of the most referred-to articles in the reading collection Trekvella. It recounts the experience of David. He is a high school student who encountered Thumoslang for the first time. Its analysis is in Your Superpower, the first episode in Trekvella’s Series 2 – Practical Guide to Thumoslang. This episode, A Fantasy on Mars, recounts a review of the mentioned analysis.

“Because of the tangible rules in other philosophies, they hold people back,” said Carlos, a high school student. He plays a critical role in this episode, A Fantasy on Mars.

“It does not help with the fact that these rules are judged by outsiders, by those who are not into those rules,” said Carlos. “When more and more people are exposed to Thumoslang, they’re going to realize how restrictive and controlling other philosophies are. When they realize the power of no rules from Thumoslang, they’re going to utilize it. People like to be free. They don’t like to be told what to do. A philosophy that allows them to be themselves; be the best self they can be, without following a direct set of rules, who doesn’t want that? I realize the potential of Thumoslang. I’m hoping that when more people get a hold of this, it will skyrocket.”


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