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A New Subject in School

Trekvella | Trekvella S1 Episodes

What is a relationship? What are its components? This episode provides the answer. Relation Over Service, the fifth episode in Trekvella’s Series 2 – Practical Guide to Thumoslang,  explains further.

In this episode, the author introduces Thumoslang in a surprising way. This introduction is based on the video [Relationship Count | NDBaker93 Thumoslang105 | S8E2](v=fAso8b69RXk) on Ri4CTV. It recounts the first meeting between Nickantony Quach, a published philosopher, and Andy, a junior student of a local high school. His friend Ed, a senior student, introduced the two. At the start of the meeting, Andy thought he had over 500 relationships.

Per Ed’s request, Nick introduced Andy to a formal vocabulary called Thumoslang. With it, Nick changed Andy’s worldview in a few sentences, multiple times in the same conversation. Nick surprised Andy with the following sequence of five thumbnail definitions:

  1. Inclusion; that means, considered as a participant.
  2. Involvement; that means, causing inclusion.
  3. Relation; that means, purposeful involvement.
  4. Relationship; that means, ongoing relations.
  5. Family; that means, unbreakable relationships.

According to the above, you must have at least two unbreakable relationships to have a family. You must have at least two ongoing relations to have a relationship. To have a relation, you must have the same purpose in the same activity with the other person. Before the meeting was over, Andy realized that he had less than a dozen of relationships on that day.


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