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1 About the QMG Duo of Ri4CTV

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[1] Since August 2020, Nickantony Quach (pictured, right), an established philosopher, and Alec Mustafayev (left), a fiction writer who graduated from Classical High in 2020, have worked together as the Quach & Mustafayev Group (QMG), which operates the Ri4CTV YouTube Channel. They call themselves the QMG Duo of Ri4CTV.

[2] In 2022, Mr. Mustafayev published Reborn with Power, which comprises the first six chapters of his more incredible story, The Dog’s Day.

[3] In the same year, Mr. Quach published several nonfiction books, one of which is the first edition, labeled as the 2024 Edition (DT24), of The Dictionary of Thumoslang.

[4] The initial mission of The Thumoslang Show is to promote The Dictionary of Thumoslang. Standing at the front and center of the show is The QMG Duo of Ri4CTV. They may decide to involve their work of fiction in the show.

[5] A few musicians and other entertainers are expected to support their performance. Several of them might decide to involve themselves permanently with the show.

[6] Behind the scenes will eventually be several back-office workers in sales, marketing, and other fields. They should include a few individuals working as app developers and other specialists.

[7] The Thumoslang Show has only two members as of November 2022. They are The QMG Duo of Ri4CTV. They want to initially build The Thumoslang Show into a performance on the street and at vending events. The show should go bigger as it involves more people.

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