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This is the official website of Thumoslang. It serves as the most authoritative source of Thumoslang knowledge. Supporting it are several other Thumoslang Websites & Channels.

What is Thumoslang?

Unwanted yet preventable drama is a significant impediment to human flourishing in every stage of life. This is true for everyone, including those at the bottom, top, and anywhere between. For a group of any size, it is also true at scale. Think of interpersonal conflicts, world wars, and everything in between. Is there not a systematic solution to it all?

Created in 2017, Thumoslang is a systematic solution for individuals and groups of any size. Thumoslang is the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity based on falsifiable truth. Its mission is social clarity; its objective is people have a matching understanding. Its power of social clarity could make your internal dialogues more effective and your relationships more meaningful and more robust. Thus, the actualization of your ideals goes much faster. To maximize your group’s productivity, help its members reach their ideals at the maximum speed possible through the user of Thumoslang. Click here for an extended elaboration or read more at the Executive Briefing on Thumoslang.

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How Important is Thumoslang?

You cannot overstate the importance of Thumoslang. It’s important to a single mind by itself; it’s also crucial to a pair of minds, even when one is not yet Thumoslang-trained. When you involve Thumoslang with only a single mind, yours, you deal with its Level-1 importance. When you do it with two minds, you deal with its Level-2 or Level-3 importance. The latter involves two Thumoslang-trained minds, whereas the former involves one. When you involve Thumoslang with a small team, you deal with its Level-4 importance. When you involve Thumoslang with several groups, you deal with its Level-5 importance. Thumoslang’s importance reaches Level-11 when you no longer talk only about in-person interactions. It reaches Level-99 when you apply the vocabulary’s immense power to our humanity.

The meaning of each level is not set in stone, but these levels illustrate the infinite value of Thumoslang. It is essential to everyone and a group of any size. There will be consequences whether you use it or not. Click here for an extended elaboration on the answer to the question; how important is Thumoslang?

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What, Why & How

Nickantony Quach (pictured) is the creator of Thumoslang; he believes that Thumoslang is the solution. That’s why he has been working on the self-training program The Thumoslang Safari Experience since 2021. Below is the answer to all the basic questions on the what, why, how, who, when, and where.

Humanity 2.0 is the WHAT. It is an imagined future. In this future, an average member of our humanity will understand how to eliminate unwanted yet preventable drama in life systematically at scale.

According to Jamie Wheal, earthly philosophies and religions bring to our humanity Meaning 1.0. Heartless technologies provide us with Meaning 2.0. If neither Meaning 1.0 nor Meaning 2.0 is good enough for you and your loved ones, you may want to consider Meaning 3.0. As a proposition to combine the best of both worlds, Meaning 3.0 is full of inspiration and connection but accessible anywhere. Almost all components of a program oriented towards Meaning 3.0 must be antifragile but scalable, really cheap, or outright free. Meaning 3.0 is the WHY.

Almost all components of Thumoslang as a program for Meaning 3.0 are antifragile yet scalable, really cheap, or outright free. The self-training program The Thumoslang Safari Experience is an example. Thumoslang is the HOW.

Your ideals are personal. Another way to express them is your ideal self, which means what you truly want to become. They all mean the same thing. Everything else is secondary. Regardless of what you think, your ideals are The Most Important Thing in your life. Your ideals are the WHO.

Your locality is WHERE. The Thumoslang Safari Experience self-training program is free of charge and accessible to everyone from anywhere.

Now is the WHEN. Every month without Thumoslang is another month with too much unwanted yet preventable drama in life. Now is the best time to start your Thumoslang journey.

Begin with the Thumoslang Handbook.

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