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An Important Walk

Trekvella | Series 1 Episodes

Episode Description

What is success? Why do most people know only its perceived meaning but not its objective meaning? This episode, An Important Walk, offers an answer. It’s one of the most referred-to articles in the reading collection Trekvella. It recounts the experience of David, a high school student who encountered Thumoslang for the first time. The experience played out on a walk with his impromptu mentor one week before graduation.

Related to this episode are these two videos on Ri4CTV. Both captured how others reacted to the main concept presented by this episode.

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An analysis of this episode is in Your Superpower, the first episode in Trekvella’s second series Practical Guide to Thumoslang. A Fantasy on Mars, the second episode in the first series, recounts a review of the analysis.

An Extract from the WBFG Handbook

Handbook for Wealth Building Friend Groups

INSTRUCTION 5A: Read An Important Walk, the first episode of the Kindle Vella series Thumoslang Stories. You will see how Nickantony Quach discharged the power of Thumoslang and changed a new friend’s worldview only in a dozen sentences.



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