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2 Around the Thumoslang Website in 80 Minutes

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The following list presents the 80 most important places on this website. To go around the Thumoslang website in 80 minutes, spend a minute visiting each of the following places.

  1. – Foresight Max Shortcut to Everything
  2. Thumoslang Online Book Series (TOBS) | About
  3. Thumoslang on the Run (OTR) | About
  4. Thumoslang for Character Renovation (TCR) | About
  5. The Most Important Concepts in Thumoslang, Chapter 1 in BCT
  6. About the Original Thumos Textbook, Chapter 42 in OTR
  7. Trekvella | About
  8. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency for Beginners (under construction)
  9. [Update(6/19/2022): Nick is still adding more items to this list.]

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