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Bongo One – The First Wealth-Building Friend Group

Bongo1 | Bongo Reference

A wealth-building friend group (WBFG) is also known as a bongo; its members are bongo builders. Bongo (WBFG) as a group is one of the most essential concepts in Thumoslang, the formal vocabulary for optimizing life.

As stated in Chapter 2 of Thumosdegu Part 3, they want to create a group of friends who will stick with us much longer than the friends we lost in the past. It takes time and other resources to build a friend group as our social capital. Along the way, they should be able to profit from such investment.

The operator of Ri4CTV on YouTube and this website is the Thumoslang PVD Group, which is the first bongo, hence Bongo One, aka Bongo1PVD. One of its bongo builders is Nickantony Quach (center), the unexpected philosopher who created Thumoslang. Bongo1PVD also operates Ri4CTV on Instagram, the Ri4CTV website, the Ri4C website, and the Thumoslang website.

The first three members include Alec Mustafayev (right), who started his last teenage year a few months ago, and Norman Baker (left), nine years older. Both are still in the experimental stage of their lives as of this writing. Starting in January 2022, the booklet Invitation to Join the Thumoslang Pioneers, Part 5 of the Thumoslang Handbook, tells the story behind Bongo One. Starting in January 2022, The Chronicle of Bongo One, tells the story behind Bongo One. You will see how each escapes beyond the experimental stage of his life in a slow-burn personal transformation.

Norman D. Baker just turned 28 in December 2021, but he is still in the same experimental stage of life over several years. What kept him and his peers of a similar age there is not knowing the correct answer to the following questions. What is the objective meaning of life? In other words, what is a definition of life that works when you talk about the life of a historical figure, and the definition works equally well when you talk about the life of a living person? Could one secure a good life without such understanding? The falsifiable answer is in the story of Bongo One. Corroborating videos are in the YouTube series Experimental Stage of Life on Ri4CTV.

The Chronicle of Bongo One, the online book hosted by this website, tells The Story of Bongo One.

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