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Bongo1PVD – Bongo One Providence

Bongo Reference | Private Office

Weekly Meeting

Members of Bongo1PVD meet weekly from 10 AM to 6 PM every Monday at a location near North Main Street in Providence, Rhode Island.

About Members & Their Work
About the Group

In Thumoslang nomenclature, as of January 2022, a bongo is a wealth-building friend group (WBFG). Its members are bongo builders, also known as bongo siblings.

A secondmind is a bongo sibling; a secondmind family is an affectionate name for a bongo.

WBFG is not an investment club. The latter is a group of people who pool their money to make investments. In contrast, the former is a group of friends who pool their intelligence to create wealth from their empty hands. Tell me more

Bongo One Providence (Bongo1PVD) is the first wealth-building friend group in the world of Thumoslang. Its first three members are Alec Mustafayev (left), Norman D. Baker (right), and Nickantony Quach (center). They have worked together as one since the start of 2022. The Chronicle of Bongo One traces how the group evolves and the slow-burn personal transformation of its members.


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