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Executive Briefing on Thumoslang

To maximize your group’s productivity, help its members reach their ideals at the maximum speed possible through the use of Thumoslang.

Conceptual Overview | Thumoslang Roadmap

Nickantony Quach is the creator of Thumoslang. Here is what he believes. Unwanted yet preventable drama is a significant impediment to human flourishing in every stage of life. This is true for everyone, including those at the bottom, top, and between.

Created in 2017, Thumoslang is a systematic solution for individuals and groups of any size. Thumoslang is the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity based on falsifiable truth. Its mission is social clarity; its objective is for people to have a matching understanding. Its power of social clarity could make your internal dialogues more effective and relationships more meaningful. The actualization of your ideals will thus go much faster. To maximize your group’s productivity, help its members reach their ideals at the maximum speed possible through Thumoslang.

  • Thumos; that means, no unwanted drama.
  • Thumoslang; that means, social clarity.

Borrowing Jamie Wheal’s jargon, Thumoslang can offer our humanity “Meaning 3.0.” Learning Thumoslang is your journey toward social clarity. Teaching Thumoslang is our journey towards Humanity 2.0 when an average person understands how to eliminate unwanted yet preventable drama in life systematically at scale. Thumoslang can become a shared vision to guide human flourishing. We’ll get there when many of us in our humanity have the same Thumoslang Safari Experience.

You are an individual investor of Thumoslang when you invest your time and other resources in creating, maintaining, or expanding a group of Thumoslang learners at your locality or elsewhere. Business owners, school administrators, and club organizers may want to invest in Thumoslang and show their members how to optimize their lives and significantly increase the productivity of their community. Thumoslang will become an industry when various commercial, economic, and educational interests are affiliated; see As an Industry in the Future.

The YouTube series Thumoslang101 is the first video demonstrating Thumoslang’s immense power. The three YouTube series Thumoslang102, Thumoslang104, and Thumoslang106 show how Thumoslang101 is used in mentoring three specific individuals ranging in age from 17 to 36. They can now better their lives by realizing their ideals at the highest speed possible using Thumoslang. As recounted in this video, even an elementary student could discharge the power of Thumoslang while dealing with others.

Thumoslang’s immense power rests with its thumbnail definitions, which make up its nomenclature. To become an expert in any field, you must first learn its nomenclature, i.e., its naming system. Using its vocabulary, you are far more powerful when you talk about various topics in the field. If you want to become an expert in social life, you must first learn of its nomenclature; that’s Thumoslang! Here are two Thumoslang thumbnail definitions.

  • Understanding; that means, knowing boundaries.
  • Nomenclature; that means, matching understanding.

Calling it a definition is a misnomer. A thumbnail definition does not tell you the concept in detail but rather when it is at play to ensure you select the correct sense of the word. When interlocutors independently make the same selection for a term in focus during a discussion, they have a Matching Understanding. Thumoslang thumbnail definitions accomplish their mission by reminding interlocutors of the correct sense for a term in focus. The thumbnails use only a few words and thus avoid promoting unnecessary sideboard discussion.

Thumoslang is the shortcut to your ideals. The following sections explain how and why.

To get started with Thumoslang, select the Begin menu command at the top of the Thumoslang website.

Thumoslang Briefing Demo 1 – Good Life

To ensure maximum practicality, Thumoslang uses its thumbnail definitions as a powerful approach to address many fundamental questions in life. For example, what is life, as in social life? The answer is controversial even as you consider the following thumbnail definitions:

  • Failure; that means, wasted effort.
  • Support; that means, failure prevention.
  • Proaction; that means, change initiation.
  • Emotion; that means, proactionary feeling.
  • Reputation; that means, support driven by emotion.
  • Life; that means, reputation after death.

The second reading episode of the Kindle Vella series Thumoslang Philosophy, Reputation After Death, explains further. “Your life is an assessment of what you did and what you will do, even after death. What you think about the life of anyone, dead or alive, is your assessment of that person’s activities, past, and future.” Let’s go with the following definition.

A good life is the reputation after your death you desired the most.

Live as a hermit if you do not want others to remember you after your death. If you want others to remember you forever, become a historical figure. What do you want as your after-death reputation? Your answer to this question tells you how you should live your life, and, thus, how you can have a good life.

To answer the question, you need to understand your ideals. Another way to express your ideals is by using the phrase, your ideal self, which means what you truly want to become. “Everything else is secondary,” said Steve Jobs. To you, your ideals should be The Most Important Thing in Life.

Thumoslang Briefing Demo 2 – Your Ideals

Your culture is all the ideals of your region or nation’s people. Their ideals include their arts, beliefs, customs, social norms, laws, institutions, capabilities, habits, social behavior, and other products generated by their work, derived from their thoughts, or passed down from earlier generations. Their ideals are all the cultural milestones most meaningful to themselves.

  • Culture; that means, all the work and thought passed down.
  • Ideal; that means, a perfect fit.
  • Ideals; that means, the most meaningful milestones.

Likewise, your ideals are all the milestones most meaningful to you.

  • Your ideals; that means, your most meaningful milestones.

You have to struggle to reach every milestone most meaningful to your life. People around you often make it harder for you to do it. Your relationships with them should be considered the social roadblocks in your life. The social shortcuts are your relationships with those who make it easier to advance your ideals.

  • Social shortcut; that means, faster towards your ideals.
  • Social roadblock; that means, slower towards your ideals.

Thumoslang, therefore, is the shortcut to your ideals.

Getting Started with the Thumoslang Safari Program

To maximize your group’s productivity, help its members reach their ideals at the maximum speed possible through Thumoslang. Thumoslang training is easy; ask them to acquire The Thumoslang Safari Experience.

How important is Thumoslang?

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