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Change Your Life in 184 Words

Your life is your reputation after death; these are the first seven of Nickantony Quach’s Final Words for Humanity. The definition applies equally well to every contemporary and historical figure’s life. His first 51 words teach two lessons fundamental to all: living a good life and entering adulthood. The following 53 words show how to organize your life. The 56 words further expose the anatomy of a relationship every master of social life must know. The last 24 of his 184 words wrap up the shortest nonfiction with the most significant idea for humanity: Thumoslang! The next big thing in social sciences is coming soon to your hometown. The earliest adopters will achieve a higher level of life and become superheroes in their social circles. Better control of social interactions will profoundly affect many lives in ways unimaginable to most. Who wants to be the first to break the news to school or their hometown? Better English & More Wealth gets you started. Corroborate videos are on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV. Your report will transform your community the same way its composition transforms your life.

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Change Your Life in 184 Words — The Shortest Nonfiction with the Most Significant Idea for Humanity: Thumoslang!

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