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21 The Collapse of Meaning

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Breakthrough Ideas

[1] Humans face the collapse of meaning as their religions (Meaning 1.0) and technologies (Meaning 2.0) fail them when overwhelmed by the speed at which civilization progresses. A more detailed explanation follows.

[2] In April 2021, the YouTube channel “Big Think” posted the video [Why the world is going crazy–and how to win back our minds | Jamie Wheal | Big Think](v=vqJQvJ7i7Ek). Jamie Wheal’s video introduces the concepts of Meaning 1.0, Meaning 2.0, and Meaning 3.0. That’s why people use Meaning123 as an affectionate name for the video.

[3] According to the Meaning123 video, earthly philosophies and religions introduce us to Meaning 1.0; they attempt to answer fundamental questions. Heartless data, systematic sciences, and evolving technologies bring about Meaning 2.0. They answer fundamental questions about our biological bodies and other physical entities.

[4] The speed at which civilization progresses has become overwhelming for modern humans and has caused, according to Wheal, a collapse of meaning. For many, Meaning 1.0 (organized religion) and Meaning 2.0 (modern liberalism) no longer provide the structure and guidance they used to. “It does feel like the handrails, the things we used to look to for stability and security, have evaporated,” said Wheal. “If we’ve experienced a collapse of meaning, how do we go about restoring it?”

[5] A short answer is Thumoslang. A long answer is this book.

[6] With Meaning 1.0, Thumoslang offers “healing, inspiration, and connection.” With Meaning 2.0, Thumoslang’s ideas are “scalable and really cheap or outright free.” With Meaning 3.0, Thumoslang is “an anti-fragile solution that digs in and gets stronger, more rooted, more effective as things deteriorate around it.”

[7] The rest of this chapter is from Chapter 10, Housed but not at Home, of the booklet Thumoslang for Character Renovation (TCR).


[8] On the second Tuesday of June 2022, Norman Baker and Nickantony Quach had a difficult conversation. Norman wanted to figure out his life’s goals only for this summer and the following year.

[9] “That’s not enough,” said Nick.

[10] “So I need to work on my navi,” wondered Norman. “What is my belonging, meaning, and purpose?”

[11] Navi is a new concept in Thumoslang. When Nick came up with it in their meeting last week, Norman named it navi, as explained in TCR’s Chapter 9, What is Character Renovation?

  • Navi; that means, belonging, meaning, and purpose.

[12] “You should not worry about navi before settling your ideals,” said Nick in Paragraph 5 of TCR’s Chapter 10. “Navi tells you whether you’re on track to realize them. You should first determine the reputation you desire to have the most when you die.” Nick was referring to the following Thumoslang thumbnail definition.

  • Life; that means, reputation after death.


[13] The rest of this chapter begins with Paragraph 38 of TCR’s Chapter 10.


[14] “Did Thumoslang change you?” Asked Norman.

[15] “No,” said Nick. “You did.”

[16] Norman was speechless.

[17] “You and Alec, my bongo siblings, changed me,” said Nick. “Sure, we use Thumoslang as our official language, but the language did not change me. The way you used the language did. How you guys used Thumoslang made me go all in for its development.”

[18] “How does Thumoslang mitigate Jamie Wheal’s collapse of meaning?” Asked Norman.

[19] “Religions brought us Meaning 1.0, but their power fades over time because they did not show people how to harness the energy,” uttered Nick without thinking. “Sciences and technologies filled the void. They involved the harnessing of energy and brought us Meaning 2.0.”

Religions brought us Meaning 1.0, but their power fades over time because they did not show people how to harness the energy. Sciences and technologies filled the void. They involved the harnessing of energy and brought us Meaning 2.0.

[20] Norman was speechless again. Nick felt the same way as he understood more of his utterance’s significance.

[21] “Thumoslang gives us perhaps Meaning 3.0,” concluded the two friends.

[22] If you do not feel at home in your house, give it a try.


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