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Stronger Social Fabric

Table of Contents

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Thumoslang for Character Renovation

Main Chapters
  1. My Story Begins
  2. My Mental Chattering
  3. Self Navigation with Thumoslang
  4. Our First Formal Presentation
  5. More Mature and Sophisticated with Thumoslang
  6. The Same Book with 42 Chapters and 3 Cover Pages
  7. What is Content of Character?
  8. What is Renovation?
  9. What is Character Renovation?
  10. Housed but not at Home
  11. Mosaico Forum
  12. Self-employment as a Source of Income
  13. Ongoing and Independent Relations
  14. An Error of Omission or Commission
  15. Character Over Intellect
  16. From Zero to New Life in 184 Words
  17. A Problem and Its Importance
  18. A Small Part in the Journey of Humanity
  19. Ri4New Manifesto, Vision & Programs
  20. Productivity Yardstick for Every Meeting
  21. The First Thumoslang Morning
  22. Leadership Impossible Without Vision-based Action
  23. The Second Thumoslang Morning
  24. Personal Vision for the World
  25. A Day in the Life of Alec Mustafayev
  26. Recounting the First Encounter of Thumoslang
  27. The 184 Words by Nickantony Quach
  28. An Exchange with Jeffrey Kaczmarski
  29. Workplace Democracy Under a New Light
  30. About the First Thumoslang Dictionary
  31. About the Chronicle of Bongo One
  32. Professional Over Subjective Prioritization
  33. Neither Idea Nor Family Possible Without Purpose
  34. An Original Spin on the Word ‘Life’
  35. What is War?
  36. Character Renovation on Footbridge 184
  37. How a Seagull Thinks Outside the Box
  38. Systematically Teaching How to Love Systematically
  39. Save Time on Your Studying
  40. Outside the Box More Often
  41. A Closer Look at Thumoslang
  42. Are You Afraid of Death?
Back Matter

Thumosknowledge Book Series


  1.  Life in 184 Words, aka. Thumoslang on the Run (OTR) | 42 chapters
  2. Thumoslang for Character Renovation (TCR) | 42 chapters | This book!
  3. Toothpaste Against Loneliness & Distractions (TLD) | 10 chapters
  4. Thumoslang Basic Training Course 102 (BTC102) | Over 25 chapters
  5. Thumoslang for Inner City School (TICS) | 17 chapters
  6. Make Learning Possible with Thumoslang (MLPT) | Over 5 chapters

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