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Thumoslang for Character Renovation

Main Chapters
  1. My Story Begins
  2. My Mental Chattering
  3. Self Navigation with Thumoslang
  4. Our First Formal Presentation
  5. More Mature and Sophisticated with Thumoslang
  6. About the Book Thumoslang on the Run
  7. What is the Content of the Character?
  8. What is Renovation?
  9. What is Character Renovation?
  10. Housed but not at Home
  11. Mosaico Forum
  12. Self-employment as a Source of Income
  13. Ongoing and Independent Relations
  14. An Error of Omission or Commission
  15. Character Over Intellect
  16. From Zero to New Life in 184 Words
  17. The Making of a Book Writing Trainer
  18. Enough Self-Development Books
  19. Ri4New Manifesto, Vision & Programs
  20. Productivity Yardstick for Every Meeting
  21. The First Thumoslang Morning with Logan Alpin
  22. Leadership Impossible Without Vision-based Action
  23. The Second Thumoslang Morning with Logan Alpin
  24. Personal Vision for the World
Back Matter
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