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Save Time Studying, Presenting, and Creating
  1. How to save time studying, presenting, and creating
  2. What are Thumbnail Definitions?
  3. Example of Thumbnail Definition
  4. Power of Thumbnail Definitions
  5. Change 1 Life in 3 Sentences
  6. How Thumbnail Definitions Work
  7. Faster Understanding and Faster Messaging
  8. First 1,000 Thumbnail Definitions
  9. How It Helped a Third-grader
  10. Get Started with Thumoslang


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Breakthrough Ideas

Click here to view the same presentation in an article on Medium, CoalMont Magazine: How to save time studying, presenting, and creating for school, work, and the rest of your life — That applies to professionals, intellectuals, and everyone else, not just students.

Thumosknowledge Book Series


  1.  Life in 184 Words, aka. Thumoslang on the Run (OTR) | 42 chapters
  2. Thumoslang for Character Renovation (TCR) | 42 chapters
  3. The Chronicle of Radio Foresight (CRF) | The first chapters


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