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30 About the First Thumoslang Dictionary

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This chapter is part of the book Thumoslang for Character Renovation, but it is about The Dictionary of Thumoslang 2024.

About The Dictionary of Thumoslang 2024

[1] Unintentionally created in 2017, accidentally discovered in 2018, and first taught in 2019, Thumoslang is the first formal vocabulary for social life. You can use Thumoslang to save time studying, presenting, and creating for school, work, and the rest of your life. That applies to professionals, students, and everyone else. The Dictionary of Thumoslang contains every known definition in the vocabulary. Unlike an ordinary dictionary, this one defines concepts everyone seems to understand, but no one can fully describe, for example, love, motivation, and focus. Asking ten people to define these words may produce ten different, albeit similar, answers. Thumoslang defines these concepts to be empirically measured and agreed upon.

[2] Thumoslang is a mere collection of thumbnail definitions. The Dictionary of Thumoslang 2024 registers all thumbnail definitions known before August 2022, with more than 1,000 entries.

[3] Chapter 33, When a Concept is Active, in the book Life in 184 Words, also known as Thumoslang on the Run (OTR), offers an in-depth discussion on what thumbnail definitions are and how they work.

[4] A Thumoslang moment in social interaction is a snapshot of a social situation in which interlocutors have actions leading to alternative social outcomes but do not take them, according to OTR’s Chapter 22, Thumoslang Moments.

[5] A Thumoslang moment in thought is a snapshot of internal dialogue in which Thumoslang thumbnail definitions brought the subject to a new conclusion about a situation in life. This type of Thumoslang moment does not involve any social interaction. Chapter 29, Workplace Democracy Under a New Light, offers a demonstration.

[6] A moment of Thumoslang discovery is when a conversation’s interlocutors became the first to identify a Thumoslang thumbnail definition. The following segment of text offers a demonstration.


[7] Lyonel Fritsch, a college student in his third undergraduate year in Economics, spent the morning with Nick and me again yesterday (8/15/2022). At one point, he spent much time explaining the concept of inflation. Nick helped him develop the following new Thumoslang thumbnail definition to give him a better way to convey his teaching.

  • Inflation; that means, less buying power.

[8] Lyonel was happy to have the thumbnail definition as a shortcut in teaching the public a popular concept in economics. He also wants to develop a comprehensive set of Thumoslang-style thumbnail definitions for economics and use it to help the public make economic decisions, especially under emotional stress.


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