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Episodes in S5 Personal Startup Using Thumoslang

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Description of This Series

About E1 A Startup for Your Ideals

What’s the best way to create a group of friends lasting longer? This episode offers an answer. Also, see The Vision of a Wealth-Building Friend Group.

About E2 Changing a Life in 20 Sentences

How could one use Thumoslang to change another person’s worldview in a few sentences? This episode explains.

About E3 Reciprocation Not Reciprocity

Why do conversations often fail us? What’s the best way to avoid its pitfalls systematically? This episode addresses these questions.

“If you want to respect someone’s life, avoid interfering with their ideals. If you’re going to respect someone in our conversation, you have to understand and use the process of reciprocation, which is not the same as the ethics of reciprocity.” This episode explains further. “You will learn how to get others to respect your life as a whole and you, specifically in a social situation.”

If you are in a hurry to repair love, you may want to read Chapter Six of the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration. The chapter’s title, however, is not Love. Instead, it’s Reciprocation. That’s because you could not discharge the power of love correctly if you failed to carry out the reciprocation process; this episode explains further.

About E4 Your Life Departments

How does one know which project in life to focus on first? Business of the Self, the fifth episode in Series 1 – Thumoslang Stories, and this episode have the answer.

Business of the Self, the fifth episode in Trekvella’s Series 1 – Thumoslang Stories, explains how to realize personal ideals at the highest speed possible by running your life professionally. One of the first steps is to organize your business-of-the-self into five different life departments. This episode explains further. These episodes address the following question. Could you love others without knowing how they run their constantly-evolving life departments?


About E6 Second Mind & Second Family

This episode introduces the concept of the second mind and what is later known as a wealth-building friend group.

About E7 Demonstrated Comprehension

This episode demonstrates the use of Thumoslang to analyze and comprehend a document of political activism.

About E8 Adding Teeth to Your Text

This episode uses Thumoslang to explain how speakers could add teeth to their text using the power of stipulation.

About E9 Connecting the Dots

This episode explains why you should connect the dots between what you did in the previous hour and your life’s next milestone.

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