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Episodes in Trekvella S7 Parenting Made Perfect

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Description of This Series

About E1 In His Mother’s Eyes

This episode explains how Jairson Ascencao at 20 finally saw who he was under his mother’s eyes, thanks to Thumoslang.

About E2 Discharging the Power of Love

This episode introduces various articles in Trekvella helping parents discharge the power of love properly.

About E3 Where to Draw the Line

This episode answers the question; when and how should you draw the line between business and friendship at work?

About E4 Childhood into Adulthood in Hours

This episode shows how a mentor can turn a manchild into a true adult within a few hours.

About E5 Reparenting Yourself

“The result of parenting is not a person. You do not need your parents to become a person. Even the worst person on the planet is a person. Here is another way to look at it. Feeding your children and putting a roof over their heads is not what parenting is all about.” This episode explains further.

About E6 Separation of Personal Ideals

“The separation of personal ideals takes place between the age of one and 18. The separation is when the child wants parents to respect personal life. When must parents separate the child’s ideals from theirs?” This episode explains further.

About E7 Preparing for Separation

“Separation of personal ideals does not mean keeping away from each other. It means the opposite. It is necessary for love. If your child’s ideals are the same as yours, you could only love yourself, not your child. As suggested earlier, such an idea is hard to understand without the mastery of Thumoslang.” This episode explains further.


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