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Description of This Series

About E1 Your New Life From Now On

This episode introduces the series. Your new life from now on will be much better than before because you will no longer live according to dogma. You are the one and only one person who can live up to that promise. You cannot blame family and friends, or anyone else, for the outcome of your life. This series will show you the way. You will learn how to carry out practical steps to live a good life for the rest of your life.

About E2 All Else Secondary

The most fundamental things in life are your ideals; all else are secondary. This episode explains.

About E3 Your Next Best Hope

Thumoslang is the next best hope for your ideals. This episode explains.

About E4 The Anatomy of a Relationship

It has always been possible to observe the state of a person’s physical health, but before just recently, there did not exist an objective way of examining the health of the relationships in your life. Doing so requires a specialized scope under which one can view the anatomy of a relationship. This episode explains further.

About E5 Hardcore Concepts for Your Ideals

“A few weeks before the September 11th Attacks, Nickantony Quach walked his son to school on his first day in first grade. On the walk back home, between their good-bye and the first stop sign, it dawned on Nick that he had always been a father by default but never a father by design.” This episode tells the rest of the story.

About E6 Four Steps

According to this episode, “one of the most all-embracing intellectual creations Mark Canny has ever produced is the reciprocation process, documented by Chapter Six in the original Thumos textbook. “The four steps of reciprocation are disclosure, comprehension, consideration, and acknowledgment,” declared Mark Canny in 2016 while working with Nickantony Quach on their book. This episode explains further as it extends the true story told by Dead-end Walk & Love Bench, the sixth episode in Series 2 – Practical Guide to Thumoslang.

About E7 Language of Management

This episode explains the concept of management.

About E8 Teamwork Not Working Alone

In this episode, Nick wanted Norman to focus on teamwork, stop working alone, and avoid one-person projects. He eventually gave him the following advice. Instead of chasing after shiny objects, grow a second-mind family (WBFG) organically.

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