Timesaving with Social Clarity

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Description of This Series

About E1 Origin of the Project

This episode introduces Reparenting Trek as the project of reparenting humanity using Thumoslang.

About E2 Reparenting Humanity

This episode presents Thumoslang as a tool for reparenting humanity.

About E3 How to Participate

This episode shows how to participate in the project Reparenting Trek.

About E4 Vocabulary for Reparenting

This episode explains how Thumoslang does the reparenting using a true story. Danny had social clarity when he identified that what went down between him and Cody over the six months was a service and not a relation. However, he did not use that knowledge and stopped the unappreciated service early, before it made him feel unhappy. As a vocabulary, Thumosland is a philosophy without rules. It does not tell Danny how to spend time with Cody or stop doing it. It only gives Danny social clarity. What to do with his understanding of the social situation is up to him and his philosophy. Because Danny did not develop a personal philosophy using Thumoslang as a template, he did not apply any rules to the situation at hand.

About E5 Reparenting in the Late Twenties

This episode shows how a mentor reparents someone approaching middle age using Thumoslang.

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