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Evergreen Cave – New Project Proposal

Evergreeen Cave Directory

NOTICE: The following information is outdated as of August 2021.

Evergreeen Cave Directory

Welcome to Writers United!

Members of our group will participate in writing projects created by our members. Tonight we are proposing a new project called Evergreen Cave, herein referred to simply as the Cave. Here is a list of ideas we came up with before this meeting.

If you can, go to, then click on Cave to see the list and follow along.

Topic 1 Project Overview

  1. The project will involve more than just writers.
  2. Evergreen Cave is for local musicians who need a gathering place to practice regularly or find new blood for their band.
  3. The musicians are charged a set amount to be part of the group.
  4. Paying customers are called Cavemen.

Topic 2 Membership Fee

  1. The membership fee for Cavemen should be high enough to cover the actual expenses.
  2. Part of the profit is for buying quality music equipment used to advance music ideals.
  3. Use of the equipment is permitted to members who pay a user fee.
  4. Attendance is granted via membership.
  5. As is usual with a regular membership, the longer you pay to be a member, the cheaper it is per session.

Topic 3 Business Mission

  1. The objective of the organizers is to help the musicians advance their music ideals.
  2. A musician always needs regular practice with the same group for their music ideals.
  3. People tend to work more productively with a set location reserved for practicing their craft, especially when that site has other people of the same craft practicing and is free from distractions found in other places, such as at their homes.
  4. You want to go to a place where you can practice on one hand, and because participants are unpredictable, you have to be creative every time. Changing environments boosts stimulation and creativity.
  5. Musicians could always use a place to find new blood for their band or to perform alongside otherwise.
  6. Local musicians should find Evergreen Cave a great gathering place to practice regularly and discover new blood for their band.

Topic 4 Project Organizers

  1. Several of us from our Meetup group Writers United will form a team of organizers for the cave.
  2. Several of us are the first organizers.
  3. Our objective is to run the cave more like a business unit.
  4. Members of Writers United should feel free to participate in the project in various ways and at any level of commitment.
  5. Organizers are encouraged to invest their time and resources into the business.
  6. We will work out a fair system to manage our resources and the returns on our investment.
  7. Our mission is to help musicians advance their music ideals.

Topic 5 Ri4CTV Involvement

  1. A way to advance their music ideals is to make high-quality YouTube videos.
  2. That’s why our YouTube channel Ri4CTV is involved.
  3. The 4C in Ri4CTV means foresight.
  4. Ri4CTV stands for Rhode Island Foresight Television.
  5. Ri4CTV will film our activities at the Evergreen Cave by default.
  6. We will not accept customers who do not want to appear on YouTube.
  7. Our customers may request Ri4CTV to remove their videos within a week after release but not later.
  8. With an in-house YouTube channel, our customers can build up their audience early on in their music career.


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