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Experimental Stage of Life

Bongo1 | Bongo Reference

Produced by Nickantony Quach, the YouTube series Experimental Stage of Life collects micro-episodes with raw footage measured in single-digit minutes. It includes corroborating videos for The Story of Bongo One.

One of the most creative concepts in Thumoslang is a wealth-building friend group (WBFG), affectionately known as a bongo; its members are bongo builders. The first group is Bongo One, formed during the first days of 2022. Its members include Alec Mustafayev (left), in the last of his teenage years, and Norman D. Baker (right), nine years older. Both are still in the experimental stage of their lives as of this writing.

What keeps them and their peers there is not knowing the correct answer to the following questions. What is the objective meaning of life? In other words, what is a definition of life that works when you talk about the life of a historical figure, and the definition works equally well when you talk about the life of a living person? Could one secure a good life without such understanding? The falsifiable answer reveals itself in The Story of Bongo One.

In general, humans go through life in four different stages as they grow older: mimicry, self-discovery, commitment, and legacy. The second stage is the scariest; they can get burnt or come close to ruining their lives while discovering. Its first half covers adolescent and college years’ physical and psychological growth. Its second half covers the pre-commitment years beyond adolescence. Heavily influenced by the rudder of family and friends, they have little control over the direction they dawdled through the second stage. Many go berserk to achieve the illusion of control; they chase after shiny objects, no matter how bold, brash, or bizarre they may seem to other people. In the end, they’re always ready to become drowned in debt upon an unexpected interruption of their paycheck stream. Their next best hope is the YouTube series Experimental Stage of Life, starring Norman D. Baker.

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