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39 Final Words for Humanity

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Breakthrough Ideas

184 Words for Life and Love

Here is the foundation for love and a good life. In Thumoslang nomenclature, your life is your reputation after death. Living means adding more to life. To live a good life, become your ideal self, which is when you achieve your ideals, your most meaningful milestones. Discover them all to enter adulthood; members of your bongo, a wealth-building friend group, can help you do all that. Those milestones are necessary to build your desired reputation, established when what you do makes others experience admiration and trust towards you. They must cover all ideals carried by each of the five departments in your business-of-the-self: Health, Relations, Dreams, Career, and Retirement. Keep phantom relationships at bay. Your relationships must include more social shortcuts but fewer roadblocks to reach your ideals as fast as possible. To minimize unwanted drama systematically, remember this; a relationship needs at least two ongoing and independent relations. Each relation requires purposeful involvement; participants must share the same purpose. All is possible with the four elements of love discharged through the four steps of reciprocation in endless collaboration; see the original Thumos textbook.

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