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The Foresight Handout

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About the Foresight Handout

The Foresight Handout is the list of online references for Thumoslang Workshop 401 and offline material for Thumoslang teaching.

References for Thumoslang Workshop 401

The Foresight Handout includes the following online items:

References for Thumoslang Teaching

The Foresight Handout does not include the following products:

Editorial Notes

UPDATED (9/8/2022): Nick will remove the following material.

In 2017, OTB presented the Thumoslang nomenclature but did not mention its name. Released in 2021, Trekvella mentions the vocabulary’s name, but it’s not a book in print.

The online version of OTR is the first book written for teaching Thumoslang. COB1 is a collection of experimental materials for OTR. Following the Thumoslang journeys taken by various individuals, TCR traces their slow-burn transformation and the vocabulary’s growth.

Start Your Story Here (SYSH) is a talent development program on Footbridge 184 (FB184). Business Group Three (BG3) is the program’s curator. Alec Mustafayev (pictured, left), Nickantony Quach (center), and Norman Baker (right) are the members of BG3.

Start Your Story Here is also the name of a show Nick and Alec, also known as the QMG Duo, perform in the street. Its mission is to get you started writing The Biggest Story for Your Life.

You may want to attend Thumoslang Workshop 401 to finish what you started with the QMG Duo. The first step is developing a thin booklet expressing your personal vision for the world. Such a booklet should help you focus your mind on The Biggest Story for Your Life.

This online book, Start Your Story Here – Talent Development Program on Footbridge 184, explains everything.

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