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Welcome to the Thumoslang Website!
Greater Social Life Union

Greater Social Life Union (GSLU) is a network of those who want to achieve extraordinary social life with other like-minded individuals. They work with one another based on Thumoslang, the formal vocabulary for social life, whose mission is social clarity and whose objective is people having matching understanding.

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Welcome to Thumoslang!

This website hosts many online books and booklets. They make up the Thumoslang Starter Kit, the Thumoslang Lover Kit, and other collections. All are accessible via the Banner Menu, which is the pink menu of this website. To learn more about Thumoslang, read the Guide to Thumoslang.

Current Status of This Website

This website is now ready for use by Thumoslang learners and practitioners. The Thumoslang Starter Kit has been prepared for use by beginners. Included in the kit are the Guide to Thumoslang and the Thumoslang Dictionary. To get started, read the Guide to Thumoslang. It will help you…

Discover how the power of social clarity could make your internal dialogues more effective, meaningful relationships much stronger, and the actualization of your ideals go faster.

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