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Listing of Thumoslang Guidebooks

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A | Thumoslang Documents

For the complete knowledge of Thumoslang, read the following documents according to the order as presented. Practice the use of Thumoslang along the way.

  1. Executive Briefing on Thumoslang
  2. What is Thumoslang?
  3. Never Heard of Thumoslang?
  4. Quickstart Guide to Thumoslang
  5. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Thumoslang
  6. The Guide to Thumoslang
  7. Guide to the Use of Thumoslang
  8. The Guide to Using This Website
  9. Thumosdegu – The Making of Thumoslang
  10. Foresight Club Architecture aka Hyrax
  11. A Group’s Guide to Thumoslang aka Zebu
  12. Thumoslang Manifesto
  13. The Thumoslang Story
  14. Trek Vella aka Thumoslang Octalogy (online publication)
  15. The Original Thumos Book (hardcover textbook)
  16. The Reparenting Handbook
  17. Other Thumoslang Documents
B | Never Heard of Thumoslang?

If you have never heard of Thumoslang, you may want to read the following short documents at first:

C | For Thumoslang Beginners

The following documents should help you get started with Thumoslang.

D | Trek Vella aka Thumoslang Octalogy

The largest source of Thumoslang knowledge is the Thumoslang Reading Collection on Kindle Vella, affectionately known as the octalogy Trek Vella. The collection has more than 60 reading episodes. It’s easy to find them; search for Thumoslang on the Amazon shopping website.

A significant amount of educational material for Thumoslang is available free of charge. For example, the YouTube series Thumoslang101 captured the first successful demonstration of Thumoslang.

The YouTube series Thumoslang102 captured the first successful use of Thumoslang101. If you want to learn Thumoslang by watching videos, begin with the YouTube series Thumoslang102. Other Thumoslang and related videos are also available on the YouTube TV station Ri4CTV, Rhode Island Foresight Television.

The list of all official materials for Thumoslang education appears in Appendix 2 near the bottom of Hyrax, the Foresight Club Architecture.

E | The Original Thumos Book

Also available on Amazon is the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration. It is the first publication to present Thumoslang thumbnail definitions. The hardcover version is available at Barnes & Noble. This book is an excellent source of educational material for every Thumoslang learner. Chapter Six may have the most potent knowledge of all. This chapter is the first publication to define the action of love in a falsifiable way.

Furthermore, equally important, it shows you how to discharge the power of love systematically. Chapter Six gives rise to the video [The 8 Laws of Love in Thumoslang](v=5jF1zSkaHxg). In the Kindle Vella series Thumoslang Philosophy (the 4th series of the octalogy Trek Vella), the fourth reading episode, The Law of Love, explains further the material presented in the video.

F | Thumoslang for Reparenting

Also available at the Thumoslang website is The Reparenting Handbook. Click here and learn Who Should Read This Handbook? It’s an online book with a long title and a longer subtitle:


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