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Stronger Social Fabric

10 More Confidence with Thumoslang

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[1] “My progress, admittedly, has been a little bit slow. I’ve been swamped with schoolwork,” Lyonel Fritsch told Alec Mustafayev and Nickantony Quach in their weekly online meeting on the second Friday of September 2022. “Much of the stuff swapping me has fostered many ideas and confirmed my vision. I am working on a chapter that might be split into multiple parts. We’ll see how long it is, essentially describing the urgency of my vision. Would you like to know more?”

[2] “Yes, tell us more about your urgency idea,” requested Alec.

[3] “Do you want me to explain what started it or inspired me?” asked Lyonel.

[4] “We don’t have much time; Lyonel should share it with us in a post,” forewarned Nick. “He should do a five-minute disclosure and then wrap it up.”

[5] “Did you hear that?” asked Alec.

[6] “Yes, I will make this as quick as possible,” affirmed Lyonel.

[7] “Go for it,” encouraged Alec.

[8] “The first topic I was introduced to in my Urban Studies class is the concept of sustainability,” said Lyonel. “It is meeting the present’s needs without compromising the future’s needs. I apply that to our economic system, and the current economic system is not sustainable.”

[9] “Many people are pointing that out,” agreed Alec.

[10] “If it’s not sustainable, it’s going to collapse,” continued Lyonel. “With that in mind, if the system’s going to collapse, we need to do something about it. We need to change the workplace’s status quo, hence the need for government-sanctioned influence by workers in the workplace. That’s all I need to say.”

[11] “Could you disclose your thoughts so we can catch up with your progress in writing before the next meeting?” requested Nick.

[12] “I want to say I think that will stick out to many people and make your vision a lot more compelling,” Lyonel wrapped up his thought. “Okay, I will copy and paste what I have so far. It’s four paragraphs, and I’m about halfway done. It might be eight to ten.”

[13] After Lyonel posted his thoughts for use in the booklet he would soon publish to express his vision for a better world, the meeting continued.

[14] “Can you hear me?” asked Nick.

[15] “I can hear you,” replied Lyonel.

[16] “One of the best tools for work in any field for anyone is history,” said Nick. “I believe that having you look back at the history of your interaction with us will help you to reveal your thoughts. I wrote a book you may know, Thumoslang for Character Renovation (TCR). A quarter of the book is about you.”

[17] “It’s about Logan Alpin,” clarified Alec.

[18] “Logan Alpin,” laughed Lyonel. “I’m fine if you want to use my real name [instead of Logan Alpin].”

[19] “Can you write that down if you’re serious?” requested Alec.

[20] “I am serious,” confirmed Lyonel.

[21] “We need to do that in writing, but we need to have your authorization done in a video in October when you are here with us,” said Nick. “I think you should restate what you are telling us once again and then do it in writing before we continue.”

[22] “I am okay if you want to use my real name [in the book] Thumoslang for Character Renovation,” affirmed Lyonel.

[23] “Why?” asked Nick.

[24] “Because I feel more confident in myself and who I am now,” answered Lyonel.

[25] “How?” asked Nick.

[26] “That’s a tricky question,” said Lyonel.

[27] “How did you become confident since we last met?” asked Nick. “That was two weeks ago, by the way.”

[28] “I think it’s just using social clarity more and noticing its effects in the past week,” said Lyonel.

[29] “That’s an important statement, and we need elaboration, please,” requested Nick.

[30] “As you might know, I’m helping kick back up the investment club here at my college, which requires much networking, many meetings, meeting new people, and outreach,” said Lyonel. “I run a social media page now. I’ve been applying concepts of Thumoslang and social clarity to it. It made me more confident. After all, I’ve been able to do the work using Thumoslang without second-guessing myself or getting caught up in anxiety. I know what I want to say, and I state it.”

[31] “Do it in one sentence and answer the question,” requested Nick. “Tell us what we didn’t know instead of telling us what we could guess. Thumoslang helped you but, in one sentence, how do you think it helps you to have confidence in yourself?”

[32] “Thumoslang helped me get more confidence because my social interactions had become smoother,” said Lyonel.

[33] “How did Thumoslang help you achieve smooth social interactions?” asked Nick.

[34] “I’m telling people what I need to say, not what I think,” said Lyonel. “It keeps me from thinking out loud.”

[35] “Could you please give us that answer in writing because I cannot trust any recording technology?” requested Nick. “I want to remember what you’ve just told us now.”

[36] “I’ll write it in the chat,” said Lyonel as he wrote in our chat room. “Thumoslang has made me more confident. My social interactions have become smoother since I no longer think out loud. Instead, I speak what I intend to communicate.”

[37] “Okay,” said Lyonel after the writing. “Sent.”

[38] “Nice,” said Alec.

[39] “I wanted to ask you a question for the next thing; would you be open to writing down different Thumoslang moments?” requested Alec. “Capture specific ones you want to explain to us when they happen. You don’t have to. I was wondering if you’d be open to that.”

[40] “Be able to commit to that?” asked Lyonel.

[41] “Not necessarily commit,” clarified Alec. “If a Thumoslang moment happens before you, and if you remember it, capture it.”

[42] “I could do it informally over text or something,” said Lyonel.

[43] “So you remember what happened in more detail,” Alec completed a thought.

[44] “If I message you or Nick something that happened in class or interaction with the investment club, I could name it to you guys and just mention it,” said Lyonel.

[45] “It would be best if, right after I do a Thumoslang moment in your life, you just send a single sentence into this chat for the record,” Nick offered a more straightforward approach.

[46] “I’ll do that instead,” agreed Lyonel.

[47] “In that way, you do it systematically instead of worrying about trying to get involved with us,” explained Nick.

[48] “Yes, I’ll do that,” affirmed Lyonel.

[49] “Alec will give you a link to the chapter describing what Thumoslang moments are,” said Nick.

[50] Alec sent Lyonel a link to Chapter 22, Thumoslang Moments, of the book Life in 184 Words, also known as Thumoslang on the Run.

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