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1 My Story Begins

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[1] My friends and I formed Bongo One, the first wealth-building friend group, at the start of 2022. Five months later, we presented our work to a public official. Why was the presenter not me?

[2] Alec Mustafayev (pictured) was the youngest member of our group. He prepared and delivered our first formal business presentation. He impressed the public official and all members of our group.

[3] I wrote the first chapter of the booklet Dear Aspiring Leaders. I created Ri4CTV Studio as the business face for our group. Why was the business presenter not me?

[4] I wanted to become a Business Leader for our group. I spent many weeks writing for the group and building its website. However, I was not ready for business when the opportunity knocked.

[5] Alec preferred to spend more time writing his novel, The Dog’s Day, than other activities. He wanted to make Chapter Seven purchasable to the earliest readers in the coming months, if not weeks. Alec never signed up to become a Business Leader. However, he stepped up and met the challenge when the business opportunity suddenly knocked.

[6] Nickantony Quach (pictured) met me two months before he met Alec. I learned Thumoslang from Nick long before Alec did. How did Nick use Thumoslang to make a teenager diagnosed with ADHD ready for business? Why couldn’t he simultaneously make me, nine years older, ready for business?

[7] Above are some of the biggest questions for me, who is still in the experimental stage of life. This book explores them all.

[8] Hello everyone,

[9] My name is Norman D. Baker. My cousin (pictured, left) and I (right) rode our BMX bikes into the downtown skatepark on the last summer day of 2019. “At the same time, Nick was looking around at the skate spot to capture content for Ri4CTV. The video [BMX for Life | NDBaker93 | S1E1](v=LiEnOFJ00rM), the debut episode of the YouTube series NDBaker93 Season 1, captured their first encounter.”

[10] “Ten days later, Norman and Nick unexpectedly met one another for the second time. Without letting everyone know ahead of time, their mutual friend Jairson Ascencao independently invited them to his first impromptu music gathering at Kennedy Plaza, the center of downtown Providence, Rhode Island. The video [Providence Haven – The First Event | NDBaker93 | S1E22](v=V5X35JI4Sas) captured their second encounter. Nick was behind the camera.”

[11] “A few days later, Norman and Nick met for the third time but by appointment and in a one-on-one setting for the first time. Their meeting unexpectedly lasted six hours, all captured by recording devices. The eventual result is the first 21 episodes of NDBaker93 Season 1. To meet Norman D. Baker and learn more about him, watch Episode 22.”

[12] “What’s your story?” Nick asked me in early October 2019 during our first one-on-one meeting. I formally answered in the video [The Story Begins | NDBaker93 | S1E11](v=8Z7G9dDnZDM). “I want to become a leader.”

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