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Norman Baker

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Norman Baker is a citizen of Providence and a member of Ri4CTV. In the summer of 2019, Norman met Nickantony Quach, Founder of Ri4CTV, and the two discovered they shared one fundamental goal: to improve their community.

His work before coming to Providence was spent helping the community in various ways; as an afterschool program assistant at Coehlo Middle School in 2012, as an environmental activist with Clean Water Action in 2016, and as a co-founder of a musicians & artists collective in 2019. When Norman moved to Providence, he started spending more time as a content creator for Ri4CTV, putting out many YouTube videos with his fellow members Nick and Alec Mustafayev. He now spends time with them, creating a platform to share their newest products while managing a professional career in Massachusetts as a carpenter.

Norman hopes to break away from the laborious work style and commit to a career of intellect by working with his team to create products that can be useful to people in Providence and worldwide.

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