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We are the Thumoslang PVD Group, also known as Ri4CTV. Our stories report actual events related to Thumoslang, the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity based on falsifiable truth. The first story occurred in 2001, whereas the most recent ones were in 2021. As of 2022, we are still on Day Zero of our startup group.

Nickantony Quach (center) and Alec Mustafayev (right) work together as the Quach & Mustafayev Group. QMG, Norman D. Baker (left), and their local associates work together as the Thumoslang PVD Group, also known as Ri4CTV on YouTube. You can interact with Nick, Alec, or Norman directly via Instagram at @Ri4CTV. They each have control of the @Ri4CTV account on Instagram. Thumoslang PVD Group (Ri4CTV) also operates the Ri4CTV website, the Ri4C website, and the Thumoslang website. To monitor their Projects in Focus, see the PVD Directory on the Thumoslang website.

Norman and Nick first met one another during the last summer days of 2019. Norman and his cousin were riding their BMX bikes at the downtown skatepark while Nick was behind his camera for the YouTube channel Ri4CTV. The video [BMX for Life | NDBaker93 | S1E1](v=LiEnOFJ00rM), the debut episode of the YouTube series NDBaker93 captured their encounter. They met on 9/20/2019, one day short of a month after Nick filmed the YouTube series Thumoslang101 as the first successful demonstration of Thumoslang, the formal vocabulary for optimizing life. They met in the morning, hours before Nick filmed the YouTube video [What is Leadership? How to Exercise Leadership? | Thumoslang Vocabulary | S2E4](v=UqPpQcHxthU).

“In the afternoon the same day he first met Norman D. Baker, Nick took his filming gear to College Hill for potentially more YouTube footage. On the way, he saw a large bicycle gang heading South towards the campus of Brown University. Nick rushed ahead on his bicycle and placed his filming gear on the sidewalk in front of the school’s bookstore to catch the bicycle gang. The entire chain of bicycle riders should pass through in front of his camera. However, they didn’t; instead, Nick saw only a few riders. As he saw them riding by, an objective definition of leadership played out in an unexpected realization.” — Read more at An Unexpected Realization, Chapter 3 of the Guided Thumoslang Tour to Leadership.

At t=16:02, the video [Relation vs. Relationship | NDBaker93 Thumoslang105 | S8E5](v=9QFbf3kO49A) captured the very first handshake between Alec and Norman, a day and two months after Norman first met Nick. Norman was entering his home at Evergreen Street with groceries while Nick interviewed Alec. November 2019 was the month that changed Alec’s life; the historical handshake was a day and one week after Alec first met Nick. At the time, Alec was still in high school; Norman was nine years older but still in the experimental stage of his life.

The handshake that changed three lives took place one year and a half before Alec and Nick began writing Trekvella, our first product. Trekvella is a collection of over eight series with more than 60 episodes on Amazon’s reading platform Kindle Vella. Each is a sequence of episodes. In addition to teaching Thumoslang, most episodes serve as introductions to and a glimpse into the lives of real people with real problems seeking practical solutions.

Events such as the handshake are what make stories on Ri4CTV authentic. “What is authenticity?” Norman asked Nick in July 2021, the month Nick and Alec wrote The Gist of Authenticity, the sixth episode of the Kindle Vella series Thumoslang Philosophy. Nick and Alec wrote: “authenticity is at play when we have ongoing goal-directed performance but not as a response to events. It is easier to understand its adjective form. Authentic; that means, accurate self-representation. Authentic food is the food that exactly meets its description and meets a person’s reasonable assumption of its character. If you used egg noodles instead of rice noodles to make a bowl of pho, you did not cook authentic Vietnamese food. The dish would bring about false self-representation. The opposite of authenticity is pretension. If you’re not authentic, you’re pretentious.”

This web page, Invitation to Join the Thumoslang Pioneers, Part 5 of the Thumoslang Handbook, tells the rest of our story.

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