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Thumoslang on the Run

This book, Thumoslang on the Run, also known as The Guide to Thumoslang, has the equivalence of about 100 paperback pages with 30,000 words spreading over 42 chapters, grouped in 12 parts. This book helps you make your life better, increase the productivity of your group, and advance the progress of your community. Its words do not dance around the subject matter and waste your time. It is full of self-evident propositions to keep yourself on the shortest path towards your ideal self without resorting to blind faith typically involved while interacting with parents, religions, and a few other institutions. You must not forget all you learned from them. Thumoslang helps you see what they taught you in a new light. More about this book

The Front Matter

Part 1 – The Opening

Why is neither shared understanding nor common understanding good enough?

  1. Introduction
  2. Better Life with Thumoslang
  3. About Matching Understanding
Part 2 – The Demonstration

How could an elementary student exercise his power over his father systematically?

  1. Thumoslang Use by a Third-grader
  2. Changing a Life in Three Sentences
  3. Sharpening the Blade of Your Mind
  4. First Thumoslang Speakers
Part 3 – About Relationship

Is it possible to have better control of your social life in a few chapters?

  1. Meet Elias Turner
  2. New Subject in School
  3. Thumoslang Lesson One
    • Services don’t build a relationship; relations do.
Part 4 – About Life

Could the exact definition of life apply to all humans, dead or alive?

  1. Most Important Thing in Life > About
  2. A Closer Look at Life and Death
  3. What is a Good Life?
  4. Dear All Refugees and Students Everywhere
Part 5 – About Respect

Why is it impossible to love without discharging its elements’ power?

  1. Children Could Speak the Parent Language
  2. Thumoslang Lesson Two
    • Respect requires an expression of personal ideals.
Part 6 – About Philosophy

Why do people fail to control their lives when they fail to master their philosophy?

  1. The Importance of Philosophy
  2. The Anatomy of Philosophy
  3. The Thumoslang101 Process
  4. The Discovery of Thumoslang
Part 7 – The Importance

Why is Thumoslang so important to everyone?

  1. The Collapse of Meaning
  2. Dear All Locals and Parents
  3. The General Anthem for Humanity
Part 8 – Wealth Building

How could one build wealth from scratch with neither money nor friends?

  1. A New Kind of Friend Group
  2. Let’s Sing the Same Song
Part 9 – About Leadership

How could I identify the proof that I have been a true leader?

  1. The Unexpected Encounters
  2. An Unexpected Realization
  3. A Leadership Demonstration
Part 10 – About Professionalism

How could you run your life professionally; what is professionalism?

  1. Your Business of the Self
  2. What Do You See in the Mirror?
  3. Too Many Relationships or Too Few
  4. The Importance of Professionalism
  5. Your Bongo as Your Secondmind
  6. Thumoslang Lesson Three
    • Organize your life into five HaRDCoRe departments.

Part 11 – About Falsifiability

What is the source of Thumoslang’s immense power?

  1. Presented Thumbnail Definitions
  2. Falsifiable Truth
  3. Internalize or Improve Every Thumbnail
  4. Thumoslang Lesson Four
    • A family requires unbreakable in-person relationships.
Part 12 – The Conclusion

How could anyone change humanity with only 184 words?

  1. Final Words for Humanity
  2. The Shortest Nonfiction
  3. Meet Jonathan Kwee
  4. About the Original Thumos Textbook

The Back Matter
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