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What is the Thumos Paradigm?

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[1] Nickantony Quach (pictured above, right), an expert in Software Quality Assurance, and Mark Canny (left), a college student in education, published the Original Thumos Textbook (OTB) in early 2017 and thereby creating the Thumos Philosophy, sometimes referred to as PDV Philosophy. Their vision is unwanted drama minimized systematically for all.

  • Thumos; that means, no unwanted drama.
  • Philosophy; that means, accepted wisdom.

[2] The philosophy offers a systematic approach to a good life full of falsifiability.

  • Systematic; that means, without self-serving bias.
  • Falsifiability; that means, a better truth is possible.

[3] To ensure falsifiability, every term used to describe the philosophy must use a thumbnail definition to nail down one and only one concept. Every thumbnail definition must be falsifiable and specifies when the named concept is activated, at play, or in use.

  • Dogma; that means, self-declared truth.
  • Falsifiable; that means, non-dogmatic.

[4] The collection of all thumbnail definitions is Thumoslang, pronounced THUMOS-LANG, the vocabulary used in the Original Thumos Textbook. The first 1,000 thumbnail definitions appear in The Dictionary of Thumoslang 2024 (pictured below), introduced and illustrated by Alec Mustafayev (pictured above).

[5] In December 2018, Mr. Quach discovered the immense power of Thumoslang when he used three thumbnail definitions to change the life of a local teenager. Ever since he developed the vocabulary further, not so much the philosophy. When formalized, the vocabulary becomes a nomenclature. Thumoslang nomenclature is at play when social clarity is achieved. Thumoslang speakers use operating terms from the Thumos Philosophy’s vocabulary to ensure matching understanding and thus minimize unwanted drama systematically.

  • Social clarity; that means, reported implications.
  • Thumoslang; that means, social clarity.
  • Nomenclature; that means, operating terms for matching understanding.

[6] In early 2022, Mr. Quach wrote 42 chapters in 42 days to produce the first book teaching Thumoslang. Its formal title is Life in 184 Words, pictured below. Its alternative titles are Thumoslang on the Run (OTR) and The Guide to Thumoslang. He could not finish writing this book without Norman Baker (pictured above, left) as the primary test subject.

[7] A few months later, he wrote a follow-on book, Thumoslang for Character Renovation (TCR), pictured below.

[8] Mr. Quach could not finish writing TCR quickly without Lyonel Fritsch (pictured below) as the primary test subject. A college student in Economics and a 2020 graduate of Classical High, Mr. Fritsch was the first to conclude that Thumoslang is both a linguistic tool for analysis and a level of analysis. A 2020 graduate of Classical High, Mr. Mustafayev is the Chief Editor for every book in the series.

[9] When October 2022 arrived, Mr. Quach began working as a Substitute Teacher of Geometry for the Providence Public Schools District. He immediately taught his students basic terms in Geometry expressed as thumbnail definitions; see Appendix 1A in Procedure 23001 he composed for his high school students.

[10] Thumoslang’s immense power rests in its thumbnail definitions. You can use thumbnail definitions to save time studying, presenting, and creating for school, work, and the rest of your life. That applies to professionals, intellectuals, and everyone else.

[11] Thumbnail definitions are themselves best explained using thumbnail definitions.

  • Thumbnail; that means, brief but concise.
  • Definition; that means, explanation of meaning.

[12] A thumbnail definition explains the complex meaning in a few words. For example, the word bird is a shortcut for the following concept: an animal with wings. How good is the following thumbnail definition?

  • Bird; that means, an animal with wings.

[13] The above thumbnail definition is imperfect because it does not apply to every case. A bat is an animal with wings but not a bird. Below is a better version:

  • Bird; that means, an animal with wings and a beak.

[14] Each thumbnail definition is an objective observation of a natural phenomenon. Usually improved over time, each is falsifiable. That makes thumbnail definitions a science.

  • Science; that means, the observation of phenomena.

[15] The science of thumbnail definitions is called Thumoslang. Thumoslang is a mere collection of all thumbnail definitions.

[16] “What is the Thumos Paradigm?” Mr. Fritsch asked in October 2022. In other words, “what do the Thumos Philosophy and its Thumoslang nomenclature believe about the world?”

  • Perspective; that means, positioned view.
  • Paradigm; that means, generally accepted perspective.

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[17] Mr. Quach is still composing this text as of 2:55 PM on Sunday, October 30th, 2022. The above text is closer to the final draft, but the following text is not ready for discussion.

What is the Thumos Paradigm?
The First Draft of the Answer

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