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Personal Ideals

Other Thumoslang What-is Answers

Your ideals are personal and subjective. They are the most meaningful milestones for your life, the reputation you desired the most after your death. They make up your ideal self, which means what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. Regardless of what you think, your ideals are Most Important Thing in Life. Click here to learn why.

What should be the First Steps to Personal Ideals? Part 1 of the Thumoslang Handbook offers an answer.

Your-ideals, personal-ideals, and your-ideal-self are three different entries in the Thumoslang database; see the Listing of Thumoslang Thumbnail Definitions. They express the same concept, thanks to its importance.

You understand better the importance of your ideals after you internalize the lesson of love provided by Trekvella and Chapter Six of the original Thumos textbook. The lesson includes all of the following episodes of the reading collection Trekvella.

One of the most creative terms in Thumoslang is a bongo group. Bongo; that means, a wealth-building friend group. In Thumoslang, a bongo is a wealth-building friend group (WBFG) using Thumoslang as the official language. WBFG is not an investment club; it’s a new kind of friend group for building wealth based on its members’ personal ideals. One of the surest ways to go towards your ideals and thereby live a good life is to build your own bongo.

If you are not sure or do not know what your ideals are, your first ideal, by default, should be your fluency in Thumoslang; see Chapter 8, Thumoslang Fluency as Your First Ideal, of the book Toothpaste Against Loneliness & Distractions.

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