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Bristol, Rhode Island, January 4, 2023

Lyonel Fritsch (pictured above, left) and Alec Mustafayev (center) are 2020 graduates of Classical High of Providence, Rhode Island. They and their in-house philosopher, Nickantony Quach (right), would like to build something new for various societies in Rhode Island and elsewhere. In their year-end meeting on the last Wednesday of December 2022, they came up with the “Match-Up Program” by Ri4CTV; Make Purposeful Connections!

A new participant of the Match-Up Program (MUP) seeks long-term relationships with others, most of whose attributes are to meet growing match-up requirements. Unlike other social matching networks, the program does not exclude romance but emphasizes building wealth based on lasting collaboration. Members must, therefore, be able to express their match-up requirements based on personal ideals. Using Thumoslang, the knowledge necessary for creating a more robust social fabric, MUP helps members express and develop their evolving ideals and keep the unwanted drama at bay for their wealth-building friend groups.

The basic idea is easy to understand. Romance does not guarantee the creation of wealth, but wealth enables better healthcare and, thus, ensures longer life. MUP believes in building a social fabric in which everyone can learn how to build wealth, even from scratch, and live longer but systematically!

This online course, Thumoslang Basic Training Course 102, should get new participants from any locality started long before MUP becomes a thing. The course should also be a guiding light for program pioneers all over.

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