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17 QMG Business Plan

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QMG Business Plan

Winter 2021

Nickantony Quach & Alec Mustafayev

We are the Quach & Mustafayev Group (QMG). This is the Winter 2021 version of our single-page business plan. It was created based on this template here.

Table of Contents


  1. Identity
  2. Problem
  3. Our Solution
  4. Target Market
  5. The Competition
  6. Revenue Streams
  7. Marketing Activities
  8. Expenses
  9. Team and Key Roles
  10. Milestones


1 Identity

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Quach & Mustafayev Group (QMG) makes products and provides services for and based on Thumoslang, which is its own falsifiable nomenclature for social clarity.


2 Problem

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Many people, especially students, are looking for the most effective and efficient way to gain long-term support for the actualization of their ideas and ideals.


3 Our Solution

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Our products and services make this possible for anyone. This is through the use of Thumoslang, which is the falsifiable nomenclature for social clarity we created and developed, to minimize miscommunication. By forming a small group of in-person friends who care and nurture one another’s ideals, you are, in the long run, creating a group of friends who is the best for the ideas and ideals formed along the entire group’s journey in life.


4 Target Market

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The target audience is students and adults, specifically those who believe in the value of turning their free time into their future income.


5 The Competition

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People tend to believe in what they encounter first: existing products and services in self-development, life-coaching, and business-advice. Thumoslang is a new form of life-help, but unlike its predecessors, it provides a far more comprehensive approach. At the time of publishing, it is not yet well known.


6 Revenue Streams

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QMG will sell directly to customers online and indirectly via their preferred institutions.

In the beginning, QMG survives on some income from trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


7 Marketing Activities

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QMG will communicate with customers with an email newsletter, targeted online ads, social media, and sometimes in person at local gatherings.

In a later version of this plan, we will be more explicit about how we will interact with customers, so that they will be excited to interact with us.


8 Expenses

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For those willing to work with us full time, we will, in our initial stage, cover all minimal living expenses. This includes rent, food, etc.


9 Team and Key Roles

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Currently, the only team members are the owners Nickantony Quach and Alec Mustafayev. As profits increase, QMG will look to add more employees to assist with fund raising and marketing.


10 Milestones

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We created the Thumoslang Starter Kit and made it available to the public. It includes the Guide to Thumoslang, the Thumoslang Handbook, and the Thumoslang Dictionary. All are based on our first hardcover, the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.

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