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Thumoslang Runner

About the Project | Party for Ukraine

About the Project

Thumoslang Runner is a book writing project by Nickantony Quach. Its working title is Thumoslang on the Run. Its purpose is to show people worldwide how to help refugees use Thumoslang as an advantage in their new life. Tell me more

Project Status
  • Project start date: 3/29/2022
  • Project end date: 5/6/2022
  • Project duration: 42 days
  • The result: 42 chapters
  • Thumoslang Runner – A Successful Writing Project with 42 Chapters in 42 Days
  • Translation done (5/5/2022): The first 14 chapters Google-translated to 9 other languages
  • Translation pending (5/5/2022): The last 28 chapters not translated to any other language
Accessing the Book’s Cover Page
Accessing the Table of Contents


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