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Simplified Business Plan

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This page is an extension of Chapter 2, About the Thumoslang DevTeam.

Ri4CTV Business Group
A | Identify

Ri4CTV Studio is the legal person representing the Thumoslang DevTeam.

B | Problem

Unwanted yet preventable drama is a significant impediment to human flourishing in every stage of life. This is true for everyone, including those at the bottom, top, and anywhere between.

C | Our Solution

Thumoslang is a systematic solution for individuals and groups of any size. Thumoslang is the formal vocabulary for optimizing life through social clarity based on falsifiable truth. Its mission is social clarity; its objective is for people to have a matching understanding. Its power of social clarity could make your internal dialogues more effective and your relationships more meaningful and more robust. Thus, the actualization of your ideals goes much faster. To maximize your group’s productivity, help its members reach their ideals at the maximum speed possible through the user of Thumoslang.

D | Target Market

The target audience is students at every level, refugees anywhere, and anyone new in town or still in search of a new life. The secondary audience is their mentors, sponsors, and the like.

E | The Competition


F | Revenue Streams


G | Marketing Activities


H | Expenses


J | Team & Key Roles


K | Milestones


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