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18 A Small Part in the Journey of Humanity

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Thumoslang plays a small part in the journey of humanity that began over a hundred millenniums ago when early humans discovered a way to have widespread control of fire. Fire is a tool. We use fire, a hammer, and other tools to extend our ability to do work. Physics students know best; that work involves energy and plays out when some force affects an object through a distance.

The second stage of our technological advance began; the machine age. A machine is a mechanical structure that uses power to perform an intended action by applying force and controlling movement. The more skill bestowed upon the machine by the creator, the less skill the user must acquire for the work involved. Humans use machines to extend their energy further than tools can offer.

The third stage is automation, which carries out complex or repetitive processes with minimal human assistance. In the final stage of technological advancement, humans take advantage of automation to scale up the application of energy to project much more power for much less effort. One click, for example, is all you need to sort through countless documents worldwide.

Tools, machines, and automation are all about conserving personal energy to keep it from being wasted. Dictators and oligarchs use nations as their tools but only for personal purposes. They conserve personal energy but not the energy of our humanity as a whole.

Using the tool, including widespread control of fire, the machine, and then the automation, gives humans a more excellent projection of energy and power. However, a nation with more energy or power does not have citizens who know how to treat one another better than those in lesser countries. It is, therefore, safe to conclude that technology cannot bring our humanity beyond this point.

What could bring humanity beyond level 1.0? Thumoslang might. The author wasn’t sure of this possibility until the appearance of Lyonel Fritsch in August 2022, almost four years after The Discovery of Thumoslang.

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