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2 Thumoslang DevTeam

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Simplified Business Plan

People will create many jobs to support the Thumoslang industry in the future. Thumoslang Development Team of Providence (#T3DevTeam401), also known as Ri4CTV Studio, is the first group to create some of those jobs. Alec Mustafayev (left), Nickantony Quach (center), and Norman D. Baker are the first members of the Thumoslang DevTeam.

Informally, they call themselves Bongo One (Bongo1PVD). The YouTube series Bongo1PVD History Season 1 recounts a few of their activities. Further elaboration is in The Chronicle of Bongo One.

In support of their business, they operate the YouTube channel Ri4CTV and the Instagram channel @ri4ctv. To contact Alec, Norman, or Nick, send them a DM on Instagram to @ri4ctv.

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