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Current Status of the Octalogy

What is Thumoslang?

Listed below are the eight series. Scroll down for the description of each.

  1. Thumoslang Stories
  2. Practical Guide to Thumoslang
  3. Thumoslang at Work
  4. Thumoslang Philosophy
  5. Personal Startup Using Thumoslang
  6. Thumoslang Chronicle
  7. Parenting Made Perfect
  8. The Business of Your Ideals

Read them all to supersize your linguistic power and become a superhero in your social circles.

Description of S1 Thumoslang Stories

This series allows you to super-power your social life. Using its knowledge, the series shows the true way to become successful, know how many relationships you should have, and what it means to be a leader. Each episode is a true story. In addition, you learn how to express your ideals so clearly that others understand how to respect you fully and avoid interfering with your life. How can others love if they do not first respect you? Read this series and get more love with less effort.

Description of S2 Practical Guide to Thumoslang

This series is an analysis of social life. Its purpose is to isolate which actions in conversation cause a speaker to influence others the most. The series demonstrates how to change a worldview in 20 sentences, accelerate conversations, and increase the quality of your relationships. Every episode follows a true story. Each one teaches a key idea in social life, and how to know when it is at play. Read this series to learn to communicate with the greatest clarity while using the least effort.

Description of S3 Thumoslang at Work

Personalities clash in families, conflicts arise at work, and such problems lay unmentioned until volatility arises. Until recently, solving such issues, and stopping them before they begin, had not been boiled down to a science. This series shows a systematic approach to how a relationship problem spanning years can be healed in just days, or how an entrepreneur can focus his life to balance his career and his son. Each episode is a true story that shows how you can live a drama-free life.

Description of S4 Thumoslang Philosophy

To be an expert in any field, you must master its nomenclature. Most people have used nomenclature in their lives, such as the Periodic Table, used for Chemistry. Like the Periodic Table, this series concerns a nomenclature for a given field: Social Life. If you want to be a Chemistry expert, you must master the Periodic Table. If you want to be a Social Life expert, you must master the nomenclature for social life. Read this series to learn the nomenclature that leads to a drama-free life.

Description of S5 Personal Startup Using Thumoslang

To run your life professionally, you need to organize it. Monitor your actions for a week, and classify the main activity that was done each hour of that day. “Did I spend an hour for my relationships? Did I spend an hour for my career? Did I spend an hour on Netflix? Did I spend an hour on my phone?” How close is this to what you truly want to become? This series shows how to systematically organize your life and focus it on what’s most important: Your ideal self. Everything else is secondary.

Description of S6 Thumoslang Chronicle

Thumoslang Pentalogy comprises the following five reading series: (1) Thumoslang Stories, (2) Practical Guide to Thumoslang, (3) Thumoslang at Work, (4) Thumoslang Philosophy, and (5) Personal Startup Using Thumoslang. Its knowledge is for those who want others to love them effectively and those who wish to become ideal parents. Each episode in this series, Thumoslang Chronicle, reviews its five counterparts in the pentalogy. This series is perfect for those who want to become excellent mentors.

Description of S7 Parenting Made Perfect

How could parenting be made perfect for the children, their parents, or both? Perfect; that means, flawless. A perfect world is not possible without perfect parents. Ideal; that means, perfect fit. An easy way to help make an ideal world is to become an ideal parent. Is perfect parenting possible at all? According to this series’ coauthors, the answer is a big YES. In this series, Nickantony Quach, a published philosopher, and Alec Mustafayev, a teenage author, got together to show you the way.

Description of S8 The Business of Your Ideals

Your ideals are all the most meaningful milestones in your life. To reach them at the highest possible speed, you must always break free from your biases, often incited by your pleasure traps. It takes a second family, a collection of in-person friends always putting their ideals above all else. Using the formal vocabulary called Thumoslang, this series shows you how to grow a second-mind family, always ready for your ideal self. How else could we live a good life for good?

Read them all to supersize your linguistic power and become a superhero in your social circles.

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