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This page is part of the front matter of the book Thumoslang for Character Renovation.

About Thumoslang for Character Renovation

[1] The first book presenting Thumoslang is the original Thumos textbook (OTB). It is the book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, written by Nickantony Quach and Mark Canny.

[2] Rhode Island Foresight (Ri4C) published it before Canny graduated from college in 2017. The hardcover edition is available at Barnes & Noble, whereas the paperback edition is available on

[3] However, OTR did not mention by name Thumoslang, the formal vocabulary used to spell out all the rules in the Thumos Philosophy presented by OTB. Neither author understood the immense power of the formal vocabulary they created.

[4] The second book presenting Thumoslang has three alternative titles. Life in 184 Words is its official book title. Thumoslang on the Run (OTR) is its online book title. Its abbreviation is more popular as the online edition is more accessible than other editions. The Guide to Thumoslang is its initial book title. Quach wrote OTR to teach Thumoslang systematically.

  • Systematically; that means, without self-serving bias.

[5] The author wrote OTR’s 42 chapters in 42 days in early 2022 based on OTR’s experimental version, the Original Edition of The Chronicle of Bongo One (COB1).

[6] In the following months, the author began to write this book, Thumoslang for Character Renovation (TCR), as an extension to COB1. In both COB1 and TCR, the author attempts to trace the slow-burn personal transformation of several individuals, especially members of Bongo One.

[7] Alec Mustafayev is the Chief Editor for both OTR and TCR. He was in the process of publishing the former while Quach was writing the latter.

[8] After Quach finished writing the first two dozen chapters for TCR, he stopped the press and suspended OTR publishing activities. At the time, he realized that OTR should include much material from TCR. He revised a handful of chapters in OTR as a result. The two books, OTR and this book (TCR) intricately linked with one another ever since.

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