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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Thumoslang


If you have never heard of Thumoslang or believe that you need to improve your social life, this document is for you.

A | Introduction

The suffix -lang gives it away as a language; Thumoslang is the formal vocabulary for optimal social life. Its immense power rests with its one thousand thumbnail definitions, each of which specifies only two things in a few words: a unique concept and when it is at play. Here are several examples.

  • Optimum; that means, the best obtainable.
  • Social life; that means, living and dealing with people.
  • Thumos; that means, no unwanted drama.

Mark Canny, a University of Rhode Island student, and Nickantony Quach first created Thumoslang in their 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration. However, they did not realize the power of their creation. That’s why they did not give it a name and identify it as a whole in their book.

In December 2018, Nick discovered Thumoslang’s immense power when he saw that it took only a few Thumoslang thumbnail definitions to change the life of a local teenager. The video [Thumoslang Appearance | NDBaker93 | S19E03](v=J2DemiPnOJw) recounts the discovery.

The YouTube series Thumoslang101 captured the first successful demonstration of Thumoslang in 2019. The YouTube series Thumoslang102 captured the first successful use of Thumoslang101.

What is Thumoslang? The best answer to this question appears on the following webpage.

B | About the Thumoslang-speaking Community

Thumoslang-speakers are foreseers, whereas those not conversant with Thumoslang are muggles. Turning muggles into foreseers is the way to build up and expand the Thumoslang-speaking community. That’s the mission of the project known as Pichi.

The project’s first deliverables are the Foresight Club Architecture aka Hyrax, A Group’s Guide to Thumoslang aka Zebu, and the Thumoslang Manifesto.

C | About the Foresight Club Architecture

The smallest Thumoslang-speaking community is a Foresight club, whose members operate according to the Foresight Club Architecture aka Hyrax.

D | Introducing A Group’s Guide to Thumoslang

A Group’s Guide to Thumoslang aka Zebu is a collection of study guides used by Thumoslang learners.

E | Getting Started with Thumoslang

Read all of the following documents to get started with your Thumoslang journey.

  1. What is Thumoslang?
  2. The Guide to Thumoslang
  3. Guide to the Use of Thumoslang
  4. Foresight Club Architecture aka Hyrax
  5. A Group’s Guide to Thumoslang aka Zebu
  6. Thumoslang Manifesto
  7. The Thumoslang Story


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