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Part of the business Ri4CTV Studio, Ri4CTV Research & Development Department (RRDD), also known as the Foresight Team, does its work supporting the business and its community. The formation of Ri4CTV Studio is a direct consequence of its work on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV.

Long before The Story of Ri4CTV Studio began, the Foresight Team started its research. The 4C in Ri4CTV is a wordplay of foreseeing, thus representing foresight. Ri4CTV stands for Rhode Island Foresight Television, established in 2018. Its root goes back three years earlier.

In January 2015, it snowed so much in Providence, Rhode Island, that Mike Vanseveren (center) built an igloo in the backyard. The igloo was so giant that four people could sit comfortably in them. His same-building neighbor Nickantony Quach (left) pitched in the extra hand. Their friendship led to Mike introducing his childhood friend Mark Canny (right) to Nick a few months later for an intellectual collaboration. The result is the original Thumos textbook, published before Mark’s college graduation. Mike was the first to suggest Thumos as a name for their creation.

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